Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 2 Report

This was our crazy week because we had a very important playdate on Tuesday and the whole EEG thing on Friday, but I am thankful to God for all we did accomplish. Our addition this week was a Read Aloud, The Wheel on the School; we didn't get too far in it (blushing: 1 1/2 chapters), but there's always next week!
I absolutely love starting our day with circle time. Honestly, Levi thinks it is all about him, and honestly it is . We've added Deep and Wide to our repertoire because of its fun hand motions. Levi just stares at the three of us as our arms are flailing all over the place and there is shear delight on his face. That, my friend, is why we do it. A couple times this week, Ben has done his Bible reading after circle time, so I've gotten Lluke to look at a picture Bible, too. So, I think -- all praise be to God, because I've been unable to visualize how to do this before -- we're getting closer to having a morning devotional time.
We also started our art program, and I'm happy to say that Day One was a success. I've got picture to prove it. The boys learned about horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Luke hung with the big boy and did a great job.
Just today we received the Flashmaster. I think it is exactly what we need right now, and I wish I'd shelled out the $50 for it when Ben was in 1st grade. I think it would've prevented all the fear and hyperventilation that goes on when I talk with him about Math Facts. At least we'll get lots of use out of it as the other boys grow into it.
I've also figured out how to get grades for his math work (in our Home School Tracker program ), and I plan to give him grades for his weekly assignments. Then, at the end of the week, I can print our a progress note for the principal (a.k.a. Daddy) so he can keep on track of it with me.
I also started school with Luke this week. He loves his school books! I'll post separately on what I'm doing with him.
Here's the boys' art pictures:

Next week: add in Chemistry I, All About Spelling level I (which is far too easy for Hugs, but he needs all the rules about syllables again), and Piano Lessons

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