Sunday, September 9, 2007

Week 3 Report

We fit in all our assignments this week so that we could enjoy a Friday off to visit with Nana, who came to see the boys from the midwest. We had a lot going on this week!

Flashmaster: I love this. After fiddling around with a couple Excel spredsheets from the Sonlight forums, I finally decided to run Ben through a baseline with all the levels in all the operations. So, we're still working through the addition levels, but I plan on finishing this all up next week, since we don't know all the multiplication and division levels at this point. Ben can be competitive, so I'm hoping to use that to his benefit to help him improve his math facts. I've also decided that speed is important, but not vital at this point in the game; mastery of the facts are. Meaning, I want them memorized and I don't want to see him mentally calculating the answer. So, that is what we'll focus on now, and I'll let the time--per-problem remain a little longer at this point (but not so long that he has time to count it out on his fingers!).

Math: We're working on addition and subtraction with money. Ben is doing well with it, and I'm pleased to see him picking up the addition of change, We've also started our Challenging Word Problems for Primary Mathematics 1, and I think this will be a great review of the arithematic operations within the framework of developing the reasoning skills for completing work problems.
Grammar: I've decided that I don't want Ben to memorize the Land of Nod poem at lesson 9 in FLL3; instead I'll have him memorize True Nobility in the coming week.

All About Spelling: We've added this and Ben has now completed his first step in level 1, which is memorizing the phonogram sounds.

Chemistry: We read this book through several times.

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It is great! Ben's copywork is below; he copied all the definitions. I must say that his attention to detail and accuracy has improved considerably in his copywork since 2nd grade:

Ben presented Rev. 3:20 to his dad at dinner this week; and we're a little behind in our verses because I washed my mp3 player this week (arrrrggg!). I'm thankful, though, that it wasn't ruined and we can renew its use in our memorization.

Things that are not working so great: I feel like I'm never going to remember to do our music appreciation at the end of the week, so I need to rethink when to do this. This week, Community Bible Study starts (Friday). Also, we're going to be in a homeschool gym class on Friday afternoons, which will be great, but it will require me to rethink our scheduling and planning. Last year, school worked best when we did a little bit every day (like doing 4 days per week of science), but I am thinking that science and history might best be worked on just twice per week in larger chunks. I'm not sure how I like the idea of this for science, because it is Ben's favorite thing, and I'd like to give it to him smaller bits that he can digest over the course of the week.
I'm also reconsidering our read aloud, The Wheel on the School. It is a bit dry right now, and as much as I hate to quit reading a book, I'm just not invested in storks at the moment. I suppose I'll give it another few chapters and we'll see how it goes.
Aside from CBS at the end of the week, I'm not sure what we're supposed to add this week. We will be taking Nana back to the airport tomorrw afternoon, and we have piano lessons as well. I anticipate doing about 1/2 of our school work tomorrow, while she is still here.

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