Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 9 in Review

Well, it sure was nice not to have to pack a suitcase for this weekend! We're done traveling for a while and I'm thankful it was rainy today so that we could spend some time enjoying each other!
History: We've sort of stalled in the Renaissance this week; I was hoping to get more done on Ben's da Vinci projects, but it didn't happen. However, after a quick trip to Home Depot on Friday night, we now have the 2 inch foam insulation sheet to make the "Walk on Water" shoes that he picked. Tomorrow will be foam day. We did, however, combine our history studies and art studies to make a da Vinci-esque notebook page of a new invention: An Air-Powered Rocket Launcher:

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Next week we're going to tackle the reformation/counter-reformation. I'm still awaiting an inter-library loan about the Lutherans, but even if that doesn't come in for another week, we're going to charge ahead!

Science: It's back! Yeah! Ben's has formulated a question and made a hypothesis for his science experiment (with control group). I'm so glad we're back into the science groove. I love science.

Language Arts: We're progressing through AAS and FLL-3. We're really only 1 week behind in FLL-3, which is not a problem, because we were scheduled to be finished with it mid-May, and our school year won't end until the end of June. We've been without a reader for the week (but Ben still reads -- he's read 2 Judy Moody Books and 1 or 2 Stink books), but I just got our ILL, Lumber Camp Library, which looks good, but will only last for this week at the most. Then, we'll move on to another horse book, Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West. The Bible memory verse/ handwriting combo has just been pure genius on my part, and I'm glad I've dropped Reason for Writing. I'm also beginning to require a bit more cursive on Ben's other writings as well. I plan on making it mandatory after Christmas.

Latin: Plugging away and plotting when to tell DH that I need to go shopping for Lively Latin .

Math: We only have 3 more units in 2B and we'll be done. I've decided to let this last, however, until our Christmas break, even though I know it could go much faster then that. In slowing Ben down, I'll be adding much more of the Challenging Word Problems and Mental Math sheets to continue to give him practice with his math facts to help solidify skills. In January, I'll start 3A (Guess who's getting Singapore Math for Christmas? ME!)

I hope to spend some tim updating our year-at-a glance planning grid to flesh out a little more where we are and where we are going. I also need to spend some quality time in front of the TV cutting out Spelling key cards, etc. (really, I must sit in front of the TV to do this or else I'll go insane).

I've decided to investigate digital pianos for the new year, instead of paying $200+ for an annual tuning of our little spinet piano. Our friend and piano tuner says it is an OK piano for a beginner, but I just don't want to keep shelling out money for a tune on it when we could get a digital with weighted keys for a decent price (I hope) that would never need a tune, that would have a headphone jack for practice. I've started to look online, and some of them even come in a frame that simulates the look of a piano console.

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