Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 10 Report

Our week started on Sunday the 4th with a temper tantrum. Mine. Yes, you read that right, just before we left for church I had a mini-meltdown. My darling DH calmly and patiently said, "I think that you need to have some time away this week. Why don't you take every night this week and do something for yourself?"

It was just what I needed. Some time to do things without the kids. I am really low maintenance, so this is what I did: I went to the library by myself to pick out the last set of books we'd need for our history studies before we switch gears to Sonlight. It was fun to browse through the stacks -- even though I stayed in the Children's Room. I got a Starbucks coffee (cinnamon dulce - totally the best) (we finally live in a town with a Starbucks. Please, God, don't move us!). I went to a Moms In Touch prayer meeting. It was an incredible experience, and I hope to be able to go about every other week. We prayed for peace in our homeschools, our children, and ourselves. I went to Walgreens to buy hair color and came home and colored my hair. Thursday I tried to stay home and finish my Bible study ("Mom!...Mom!.." says Hugs from outside my room about sixty thousand times in one minutes. "Hey, close the door and get out. Pretend I'm not here," I say. It finally works). Then Friday my Creative Memories consultant calls and says I can come work on my scrapbook. So, I visit a different Starbucks (two within a 6 mile radius. Heavenly.) and spend a few hours working on my stuff and watching her and her husband help their daughter's First Lego League with final preparations before their tournament on Saturday. In all, it was a great week for me. I do feel a bit refreshed and am so thankful for my wonderful husband.

So school. That went well, and our Flip Flop has continued for the week. I'm pleased to be able to start our homeschooling day cuddling with Hugs and enjoying some literature, poetry, and Bible reading. Oh, and history and science, too. It reminds me of our early days of homeschooling and Ben would get a "whole pile of books" and we'd just hang out on the couch for the morning reading. This also gets us back to the heart of our homeschooling and one of our reasons for homeschooling, which was to build incredible relationships in our family.

Our history lessons this week were about Galileo and Copernius. We enjoyed a supplemental book from the library Starry Messenger. Hugs did a great pre-/ post- Copernian universe drawing for his notebook.

We also read through a biography of Marie Curie for science. I really need to kick myself in the behind and do an optional experiment on weeks when there are no scheduled experiments. So, we're going to make some kind of bouncy blubbery thing with borax this week. THIS, my friend, is why we're studying chemistry this year -- bouncy, blouncy, blubbery, rubbery things.

Ben hit a lesson on flats in piano this week, and it seems to have really thrown him for a loop. I found an online Quia game to help him name his notes, and plan to make some kind of game for him to practice knowing the name of the notes better. He does an excellent job of memorizing the tune and finger placement of a song, but is struggling with note reading (where I also struggled as well).

Red Sails to Capri is our read aloud this week, and it is a wonderful adventure story. I highly recommend it. It is especially a good boy book, as the main character is a 14 year old boy.

Our review of Latin was a bit lackluster this week, but I've decided that we're not going to learn a new prayer in Latin, rather we're just going to review our previous learned prayers, the Sanctus, the Doxology, and the table blessing.

I've also been mooching this week. I acquired a bunch more books from Bookmooch and PaperbackSwap this week, and I now only have to purchase about 6 books for SL Core 3. Whoopee! What a great service this is -- all you do is pay shipping for the books, and you earn credits everytime you give away one of your books. I'm pleased to have cleared off a small space on my shelves to add in some books I think we're going to love.

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