Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week 11 Report

A good week was had by all. We've started a couple "new" behavior plans for the Hugs and Smiley because they were being very grumbly and whiny of late. So, far, it seems to be working, which means DH and I are being more consistent enforcing the boundaries we've set.
We had our last swim lesson this week. Ben is a solid mid-Level 3 (somehow, he go put in a class with a bunch of Level 2s instead of what I'd requested, but I think it was a blessing in the end, because he improved the quality of his skills and is an awesome floater now!). Luke passed level 1, and will move into Level 2 the next time we sign up for lessons.
We studied about the Periodic Table this week and made a cool project to learn about organizing information. Ben organized friends by their name, number of letters in their name, favorite color, number of siblings and age. Then, we put two of these on a grid and call it The Periodic Table of Friends. All the "?" are for "undiscovered" friends, just like Dmitri Mendeleev did when he started the periodic table of elements.
We studied about Queen Elizabeth this week in SOTW. I've decided that next week's Shakespeare unit will be the last one for SOTW 2. The last few chapters of the book contain a lot of information about explorers and the beginnings.
Other subjects are plugging along. I'm really, really getting excited for a change in our subjects after the 1st of the year.

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