Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 12 and 13 Report

We have finished Story of the World pt. 2!!! Woo-hooo!

We read a version of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, we listened to Jim Weiss retell it, and we'll listen to his Taming of the Shrew on the way to grandma's tonight. I think there is a video that I can get ILL, but that will have to wait. I plan on always trying to expose the kids' to Shakespeare, so our "unit" won't really ever end.

Ben finished Singapore 2B reviews, so we're finished with that level. He is doing well, still having a little trouble with fractions (figuring out if 1/12 is less than/ more thn 1/7 for example) and we did a few days of review of 3-digit addition/subtraction with regrouping. So, I printed of an online generated drill page, and first time through, he got 91% accuracy.

He presented the poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth

We have thoroughly enjoyed SOTW, but I must say, I'm ready to move on. I'm preparing now for our first jaunt into US history in January using Sonlight's (SL) Core 3. Because there is some overlap between some of the European explorers and settlers at the end of SOTW, I've decided to not do those now, and we'll learn all about it in SL.

About the only thing I'm a little apprehensive about is my ability to remember to continue to notebook and narrate our way through SL. Although it will be easy to do, SL makes no mention of these activities in their guide, so I'll have to add these into the schedule I've uploaded to Homeschool Tracker (HST). I am thinking of purchasing the History Scribe notebooking pages; Ben is becoming more willing to illustrate (woo-hoo!) what we've read, and I want to continue this informal artistic experience for him.

So, what will we do for the next three weeks until our Christmas break?

  • double up on science and science experiments, since we got a little behind and since Ben loves it!
  • Complete a Symbols of Christmas lapbook. It looks great!
  • Finish our last SL gr. 3-5 reader: Mustang, Spirit of the West
  • Make Christmas cookiesR
  • Re-read The Light at Tern Rock and The Family Under The Bridge and other seasonal books from the library.
  • Learn some Christmas carols so that we can go caroling to our neighbors some night.
  • Finish up our All About Spelling Level 2 and retest with the materials from The Writing Road to Reading
  • Re-baseline Ben's mastery of arithmetic on Flashmaster and work through some Challenging Word Problems and math games
  • Work through some geography workbooks that I have and listen to geography songs

Hopefully, none of this is too ambitious. I've purposely not signed us up for a short extension of our swim lessons in December, and aside from Community Bible Study, we should be able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas season. We'll be reading Jotham's Journey this year, which marks the beginning of our second 3-year period read through of these great Advent books.

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