Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 6 Report

I'm not even doing a Weekly Report this week because we just didn't do enough to count as school. Well, I take that back. We did plenty of learning, but progress toward the 3 R's was little. We all went to Vermont for 3 days this week, so Monday and Tuesday were mostly me barking orders at Hugs: "OK, do your handwriting now!" "Here's your Flashmaster list" while tried to pack things up and our Tuesday pm departure.

The Good:

  • Ft. Ticonderoga was a great field trip. Ben's favorite parts were the musket demonstration (the re-enactment British soldier was a wealth of information about the lack of precision and the high luck-factor of the musket) and viewing the assorted items that might be found in the barracks of a fort -- playing cards, ink packets, pipes, darning bobbin (I think that's what you call the thing they shoved into the toes of their socks). It was a beautiful ride town to Ticonderoga; I hope we can explore the Adirondack mountains at some point in our lives.
  • The ECHO science museum in Burlington VT. This was field trip #2 of our trip. The boys really enjoyed the displays and demonstrations. We sat through a lake sturgeon talk. Hugs was the only 8 year old amongst a see of 3 year olds, and did an amazing job of answering questions and volunteering. This is a big deal for Hugs, who is usually shy and won't volunteer much information in group situations. They wouldn't accept my HSLDA teacher ID card as proof of my homeschool teacher status, so I had to pay full price admissions. grrrrrr.
  • Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Tour: Field trip #3. (daddy got to go with us on this one!) No field trip that ends in ice cream can be a bad one.
  • Flashmaster and my new tracking sheet is working great. I'm seeing measured progress in Hug's skills in the flashcard mode in addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Division is improving, though at a more slow rate than the other three.

The Bad:

  • The pool at the hotel was far too cold to enjoy on Thursday. I swam with the boys a little on Wednesday after our Fort trip, and the pool was nice'n warm; the hot tubs were near boiling. Thursday, though, the hot tubs were fine and the pool was c-c-cold. We (read "I") lasted about 35 minutes. Besides, Levi was starting to get a cold on Thursday, and I didn't want him to get worse.
  • He did anyway. DH (he needs a better blog name...) and I were up with him at 5 am because he was sounding like a seal barking his coughs and had labored breathing and seemed to be having a tempterature (forgot to pack the thermometer this time). We got him cool, turned on the AC and I had him sleep on my chest. He seemed better by 7am, though still barky. Friday during the day he did fine until we pulled up to the Ben and Jerry factory. Then, he had trouble clearing a mucousy obstruction in his throat. But he did finally, and we decided to continue with the tour since he'd returned to his baseline. He was great for the entire rest of the 3 hour ride home UNTIL 2/10th of a mile from home when he did the choke thing again. DH and I thought the same thing and drove to the emergency room. He has croup. He got a steroid injection and is sleeping like a -- ahem -- baby now. Wish I was.
  • I didn't realize how sick of peanut butter sandwiches we'd get in the course of 3 days.
  • We only read through 1 more chapter from Wheel on the School. And, I like it now. The chapters are really long though, and I'm just having trouble scheduling in the time right now.

So, there you have it. We did only a couple days of Flashmaster, all our CBS lesson, 1/2 a week of Latin and handwriting; all our science, no history, 1 of 4 grammar is too painful to catalog.
But, we had a fun time together and we're all healthy (in a medication-assisted sort of way), so I'll be thankful for what we did and worry about all the rescheduling on Sunday.

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