Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Advent 2007

I'm really excited about this advent season. God's just lined up everything so wonderfully that it is a joy to prepare for Christmas this year. I've done a few things different which has made all the difference in the world: we stopped full-time school the week after Thanksgiving, and now we're just doing "light" school -- science, spelling or grammar, math a Christmas themed redad aloud or two or three. Oh, and Bible study if we ever all all well enough to return, LOL!

What we're doing this year:

(1) Bartholemew's Passage each night at dinner
(2) Conscious effort to all be home for dinner together each night during advent (which means giving the boys a bigger afternoon snack if Daddy is going to be a little late)
(3) An Advent sticker calendar I picked up for $1 in last year's after Christmas sale
(4) Lighting the advent wreath each night as we read Bartholemew's Passage
Next week we'll start to make cookies for our neighbors and sing Christmas carols around the tree (one of my favorite memories of Christmas as a child)
I hope you are enjoying your own advent memories!

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