Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Latin and coming changes

I've finally stopped being indecisive and purchased Lively Latin for January. After looking at samples (it is written to the student) and viewing the table of contents, I believe it will fulfill our needs and exceed my expectations. Ben has been working through Prima Latina since 2nd grade. We've got the DVD (I couldn't have taught it without them!), but it is just getting stale -- for me as a teacher and Ben as a student. Given all the options available to homeschoolers, the ability to tailor an education to each student, and the ability to direct our own course as we homeschool, I don't think we should have to have "stale" subjects in our home -- especially in content driven subjects (history, science, latin...spelling might always be stale to some).

Just looking over the TOC, I see these bulleted point that I love:

  1. Pick a Latin Name (when I took 4 yrs of high school Spanish, I was "Elena," which Oldest and Deares Friend Jen still uses for me!)
  2. What is a verb conjugation?
  3. How to decline a noun (I'm looking forward to learning this, too)
  4. mythology cards and games (games! woo-hoo!)
  5. Learn about the Roman legion and soldiers (I've got three boys, for pete's sake -- this is wonderful!)
  6. Maps and Battle Plans (do you think we can copy the battle plans for the Bionicles laying around the house to use to defeat whatever Bionicles defeat?)

So I passed on the good news to Ben: "I've got good news and good news this morning....We're done with Prima Latina...and we're starting a new Latin program in January." Ben: " Can I have more good news?"

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