Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Long Awaited Water Shoes

We've been planning on making walking-on-water shoes (a la Leonardo da Vinci) since week 9 but I am sometimes just lame with big projects. Oh, I lied -- it was actually week 8 that Ben first picked out this project. Whatever, it has taken me six weeks to carry the monster sized piece of insulation up the 13 steps from the basement to begin our project.

First, we had to cut it to Ben's height. Then, cut that in 1/2 length-wise to make 2 skateboard-sized planks to walk on. Ben got lots of experience using the ruler and yardstick to figure all these cuts:

Here, he's cutting the tip of the planks into points:

The handsaw worked much better than the serrated bread knife. I actually had to just walk away as he was cutting with the saw. It made me too nervous to watch. "Moms always worry. It's their job to worry about everything," says Ben. Not worry, really, I'm just concerned that your fingers might fall to the floor independent of your body.

Then we had to cut about 56 pieces of duct tape in incremental measurements. Definitely a two person job. Here Ben is making duct tape pyramids, which he'll use for both his foot pockets and water pockets on the bottom to catch water and help him propel himself forward.
Then I spent the next hour vacuuming up tiny pieces of pink insulation that got everywhere.

Finally, we went to the indoor pool and tried them out:

He didn't actually walk on water, but he did get vertical at least.


Lisa~ said...

No way! How fun was that for a boy! I would have loved to see video.... Is he going to rethink the design and try again? Tell him great job! I’m impressed!


PS. lol about the snow comment on my bolg... I know exactly what you mean.... what is it with snow anyway.... next time, I think I will encourage snow cones. *Ü*

Darcy @ m3b said...

omgoodness! my boys absolutely LOVED this. What have you done to me????? I am already regretful of opening this page with them in the room.

I am *so* handing over this project to Handy Man! ;)


Alane @RaH said...
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Alane @RaH said...

We altered the design and instead of putting 4 sets of water pockets on the bottom, we only put two, so that is probably where our design failed compaired with da Vincis. So, learn from us -- try the 4 water pockets on the bottom, not just two!

In the book we got the idea from, they said someone actually did make water shoes and did walk on water across the Atlantic (I think) and he pulled a coffin sized sled behind him with food in it -- but he forgot water.