Saturday, December 29, 2007

Returning to Life

What a wonderful Christmas celebration we had. My family was all in town, staying at my home, and we had a wonderful visit. The boys -- six of them -- had a wonderful time playing with one another, I enjoyed visiting with my brother and his wife and my parents. We went down to my in laws on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so there was plenty of driving.

But, I'm getting ready for our last week of Christmas vacation and preparing myself for our new subjects. Although everything is entered into Homeschool Tracker, I've now got to assign it to Ben. And, I've got to pull out the LA materials I'll be using with Luke to teach him to read -- we're going to follow Sonlights K level LA from a few years ago; it was too slow for Ben at the time, but it will work quite well for Luke, I'm sure.

But, I couldn't leave well enough alone with just planning out subjects -- I went ahead and trashed the school room. It had a hand-torn wallpaper treatment from the previous owner that we weren't in love with, so I started ripping the paper off and using water to remove the wallpaper that was under the torn paper treatment. Now comes spackling touch ups and primer. Oh, and since we're pulling all this off, it would be a good time to go ahead and poke a couple holes in the wall to install a ceiling mounted light. I mean, I'd hate to go ahead and prime and paint the walls, only to poke holes in them at a later date, right?

So, I think this means our school room will be a mess for a little while. I'm thankful we've got other places to school in the meantime.

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Levi said...

Ooo, remodeling is a huge hassle while you are doing it, but so much nicer when it is finished.

Good luck with K LA!