Sunday, December 9, 2007

Warning: A boring post of my To Do's for the new year

....We are starting a new program in Jan. -- Sonlight's Core 3 -- and math, and latin, so I have a To Do list that I need to keep track of. So, you can ignore this post, and move on down to my cool pics of the Walking on Water shoes:

  1. Input math into HST -- done
  2. Input lessons for Lively Latin into HST Done for the first two chapters
  3. Put yellow labels on Core 3 books
  4. Get activity books from library and pick out crafts for 1st 3 months
  5. Buy all craft materials ahead of time for crafts we're going to do in these first 3 months (this was the missing link for my planning in the fall. I picked out all the crafts/ hands on stuff I wanted us to do,but didn't take it to the next level, which is purchasing the materials I'd need. Had I done this, more of our activities would've been completed)
  6. Decide if we're going to purchase History Scribe for notebooking Although the pages look great I think I'm going to pass for right now. I've got Startwrtie software and have the ability to make my own notebookpages with room for drawing.
  7. Write out sequence of sounds introduced in preETC books and arrange All About Spelling phonograms in this order. I've decided to go ahead and try to use my old Sonlight LA K for Luke. It didn't work for Ben because he was reading prior to us starting the K program. Luke isn't reading yet, and I think it will be a gentle introduction for him. Actually, I suspect that we'll progress faster through this thant the scheduled 36 weeks, but this is a good framework for getting started.
  8. Go through AAS and see how I'll teach Luke to read using this program. Done I'm going to hold off initially. When SL introduces vowels, then I'll add in the phonograms.
  9. Rearrange my teacher's notebook.
  10. Give Luke an artic test and pull cards for artic. training. -done. We'll gently work on /r/ and /l/. His artic is normal for his age, but I like to work on stuff gently so it doesn't become a problem with phonemic awareness for reading skills.

...that should keep me busy for the next month. First day of school is January 7.


Lisa~ said...

We are taking a break till the 7th too. I think I need it. *Ü* We are going to do light school till next week... maybe mid week and we are done till the 7th.

Yeah Christmas! *Ü*


Anonymous said...

Being organized as you homeschool is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for lessons and to keep yourself and the kids on track. My daughter is 24 this year and my nephew is 26. You should hear the stories they tell about me and organization/disorganization. They have watched me over the years and have actually applied some of my organizational things to the work place and college. I even have the kitchen cupboards labeled with a label gun. No more excuses that they don't know where things go, thus I get a break from the dishes even if they are just visiting. There was a wonderful book on organizing your classwork and homeschool, It's somewhere in this house :) I'm still working on organizing! I think it was named "How to Homeschool." That book has helped me organize medical papers, insurance papers, appliance instructions, recipes, etc. It really helped tame the paper monster in our home. You wouldn't think this would have been such a challenge for me in view of the fact that my background is executive secretary. Our attorney's office saw how organized I was with papers and offered me a job a while back to come in and organize their litigation files for accidents.