Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The joy of RSS

I just discovered what RSS is. Don't ask me what it means, please, but this will ultimately save me plenty of time in my life. It can just be oh so difficult to keep up with the many blogs that I love to visit -- "No, kids, sorry, I can't feed you now, I've got miles and miles of blogs to read..."

But this RSS stuff is just fantastic. Now, there are probably plenty of you out there who (1) don't read my blog and (2) already know about RSS -- even what it stands for. But for those who don't (hello, family), this will help you keep up with us without having to waste huge amounts of time. Read: you'll have to find another excuse for why the laundry didn't get folded and put away.

So if you are using Internet Explorer 7, in the upper right hand side of your screen, next to a little house ("homepage" icon), there is an orange little box with a dot in the lower left side and two arcs. This is the RSS feed. Click on it. You'll get a not-so-fancy white page with my latest blog entry and the previous ones, too, I guess. In the top box, you can click on "subscribe to this feed" or somethin' like that. Click on it. Really, it is OK. Nothing will explode. Trust me. No, really, trust me.

Now, when you click on your "favorites" icon (the start on the left side of your page, under the "file" section), you'll see three little tabs you can click: favorites (likely already has a box around it), feeds (with orange box again), and history. Click on over to "feeds" and you see a list of websites that you've told your computer that you want to keep up-to-date with. So, whenever something new is posted to that particular webpage, the name of that webpage (Readping a Harvest in this case) will be in bold print. If it is in bold print, click on it, and you'll see my most recent post. If it isn't bold, you can still click on it, but you'll just read something you've read before. Cool, eh?

Now, if you are on my RSS feed "boring white page" and you want to see the slightly less borning shade-of-tan page, then you can click on that little green (I think) arrow just below the title of the blog entry, and that will take you right to the regular blog homepage.

So, mom, dad, go ahead and try this and see if you like it. Luv you guys.

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Unknown said...

Hi Alane!
I have been reading your blogs ever since we got your Christmas letter! I just love reading about all of the cool things you are doing with the boys. The website is wonderful! We will keep in touch and we hope everything continues to go well for you guys.
Love Leslie & Max