Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scheduling this coming week

We have a really crazy week coming up: a US geography project/ class on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday is ski lessons all day, and Thursday a.m. we're going to see the Veggie Tales movie! So when will we do school? I was quite stressed about it until I sat down with Homeschool Tracker, and plotted out each course for this week; We'll do quite a bit of work on Monday and Thursday, and will do the basics on Tuesday. I'm actually quite at peace about the whole thing -- not my nature -- because I know that these types of weeks are the bumps and exceptions, but also because they will be so much fun for our family. Ben will be no worse for wear because we don't do 3 days of Latin, nor will he be suffering because it is taking us an extra day to memorize our Bible verses. I guess I should say that for this moment, I am resting in the Lord's plan for my homeschooling family and not stressing about it.

I love this kind of peace.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Cuz! There is a card on its way to you but thought I would check out the site. I read the newsletter you sent Mom and Dad! Wow it was great to see the pictures and learn what is going on.

However, the southern contingent had not heard about your Grandfather's death! Sorry about your loss! Know that we are thinking of you all!

Love the websites! Boys are so cute! I am so glad you are homeschooling. The work they are doing is interesting! So glad you are including strong biblical training! I know what ever you all do by faith, the Lord will bless! Take Care!

Your Carolina Cousin Julie