Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 19 Report

What a great, busy week!

3rd grade:SL History is just so, so welcome to me right now; my planning time has dramatically been reduced which means (1) I'm folding more laundry and putting it away (2) I'm sitting with my husband and talking to him at night (3) I am playing with the kids more during the day. Oh, I just love how it is fitting into life right now. Ben finished his paragraph summary about the similarities of the various North American indian tribes:

We took Tuesday afternoon off to attend Map Attack! A friend from church who really wants to stay home with her two preschool aged kids is starting a new venture called Education Adventures. After encouraging her and promising to attend, she planned this as her first event. Ben loved it, and the Two Little Boys did an amazing job hanging out in the church's nursery for 3 hours.

Wednesday is ski lesson day. They are going well. At dinner on Thursday, Daddy happily announced to Ben, "Only 5 1/2 more days until we ski again!"

Thursday we went with a 100+ other homeschoolers to a private showing of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I really enjoyed the movie -- and the popcorn for breakfast!

I had a change of heart about Spelling this week when I got an email that All About Spelling's Level 3 was out and was discounted by 25% if purchased before the end of January. I really enjoyed working through levels 1 and 2, and thought going back to our ACSI book would be OK, but I realize that Ben just isn't learning anything from it. So, I bought it and we'll probably start after the bulk of ski lessons is over. Until that time, we're going to review syllabication rules and practice it on unfamiliar words to increase is decoding and pronunciation of these words.

We didn't do much Latin this week. We're slowing working through the introductory materials while ski lessons is going on, but since next week doesn't have two separate 1/2 day events in addition to our other outside commitments, we will have more time to work through the intro. and get on with the good stuff.
Kindergarten: Luke is my little scholar right now, and I just love his enthusiasm (I finally added pictures to show his first day of K here). This week, he practiced the letter B using his Explode the Code books and Reason for Handwriting. I might actually drop the RFH lessons right now and use those for review later on in the spring/ summer; I'd forgotten that the preETC books also have handwriting practice. We finished My Father's Dragon and since we didn't get to the library this week, I've gone ahead and started on Dr. Dolittle.

The Baby: I don't think I mentioned that I bought him a "school book" at Barnes and Noble. This was a great activity for him when Luke was cutting out his letter B and finding stickers for it. Levi had two fishies that we put glue on the back and he afixed them to his underwater picture. It was adorable watching him rub the glue on the shape and the smile on his face showed he was so proud of himself. I'm going to go ahead and do two of these or so a week with him and will check out some of the other books they have during Educator's Week, which starts on the 19th.

This weekend I am attending our church's women's retreat. I really didn't want to spend the night, so I'm going up for the day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a time of refreshment and fellowship.


Anonymous said...

We love those Kumon workbooks too! My 3yo flies through the cutting books. Maybe I'll have to move on to sticker and paste with him. He's very insistent about doing school work too. Btw, I have 3 boys as well.
Kristiana (from WTM boards)

Heidi said...

Hello! I came over from WTM...

Just thought I'd comment here. I have three sons. Levi (6), Luke (3.5), and Leif Benjamin (17 months). :)

I'll have to do a little more browsing on your blog!

Lisa~ said...

Hi! Just saw yourpost at WTM for introductions... I have not been here for a bit and wanted to stop in and say hi! Hi!!

Hope you are having a great week!!


my5wolfcubs said...

Oh, I didn't realize AAS was discounted until the end of January! I have to decide quick now! I'm glad you're enjoying SL -- it is good to not be busy/planning all the time!
Lee (from the WTM board)