Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to Normal

For the past month (since ski lessons started), Dave's work schedule has been changed to 4 10-hour days. What a bust this was for us. We are just not 5:00 am-type people. And, to some extent, our evening family time was suffering. Dave would come home at 5:30, we'd eat dinner and before we knew it, it was time for Levi's bedtime routine (he goes to sleep at 7:00, the older boys are in bed at 8:00). I'm very thankful Dave's boss was willing to let Dave try this schedule -- and even more thankful that his boss is letting him go back to a regular 5-day-a-week schedule.

So this morning, after our disappointing Super Bowl evening, it was such a welcome to not hear the alarm going off so early in the morning and to savor that extra hour of warmth, snuggled next to my best friend in the whole world. [I guess I've taken some artistic license with the truth, because actually Levi was between us; he seemed to be having nightmares at 1am, so Dave suggested he sleep between us so we could all sleep. But, I did manage to keep my cold toes warmed against his legs despite Levi being between us.]

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