Tuesday, February 26, 2008

God Spotting - Generosity

Note to any readers besides me: I'm not tryin to brag on my kids or puff them up in anyway. I just have a terrible memory. One of these days I want to make a spiritual heritage scrapbook for myself and they boys that will show them how God's been working in their lives and how he's been planting the fruits of the spirit into their beings. So, that is the purpose of this post -- a post it note for a future project.

We went to P.M.'s birthday party yesterday. PM has been an adored friend of Ben's since Ben was about 4 years old. I "blame" PM for Ben's love of Bionicles, something which is beyond my comprehension. Yesterday we stopped at Wal Mart to pick up a new Bionicle for PM; I'd gotten an idea from his older brother what he might like and Ben had another thing he wanted to get PM; it was, however, over the budget I'd set with Daddy for a gift. "If you've got money in your bank, you can use it."

Ben grabbed a pile of change from his bank (the spending side of it, not the saving or church side), and found exactly what he wanted. It was about $1 more than he thought it would be, but he didn't flinch when we counted out the change for the cashier. On our way out, he asked if he could get one of those "balls" for Peter, too. After a few more questions, I understood he wanted to buy him a jaw breaker from one of those candy dispensers. "Sure." He grabs another quarter from his much lighter baggie and gets him a red one. It is huge.

Ben, who doesn't get an allowance yet, just collects the spare change from Daddy when he gets home from work, is smiling and so happy. Ben was so incredibly generous and so full of joy to be able to buy this for his friend....it just made me so happy to see him willingly giving his money for his friend and not grumbling about having to use his own money for this.

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