Thursday, February 7, 2008

How We Use Pizza Hut's Book It Program

This is the third year we've requested materials from Pizza Hut's Book It program, a program that encourages kids to read. But, we've never used it. Once, I filed to materials only to forget where I filed them; last year we moved in Nov., and I just never got back into some of the extras of our homeschool. This year, I developed a plan, but Ben has only now taken me up on it. We're using it a bit differently than its intention, so I thought I'd write about it.

I really don't have a problem getting Ben to read books on his own. He'll read and read and read. What I do have a little trouble with is encouraging him to broaden his horizons and read a variety of different types of literature. This is what I'm using the pizza incentive for -- he must read at least one book from different genres per month in order to earn a pizza:
  • mystery
  • fiction
  • biography
  • myth, fable, fairy tale
  • art or poetry
  • science/nature
  • sports

I'm really pleased with that he's come to realize that he can earn a pizza for lunch, and can't wait to present him with his coupon and set a date to order it and eat it!

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