Sunday, March 16, 2008

My CBD Finds

There is nothing like a Christian Book Distributors warehouse sale. It is absolutely the best for book lovers like me. If money were no object, I would cart around the biggest suitcase ever found (hmm, or maybe a rolling trunk. Yeah, that's it.) and just wander the stacks. While it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to the placement of books, CDs, movies, etc. in the stacks (meaning very tall shelves) of new inventory, it is incredible what you can find. I've gone looking for a particular book, and found amazing Bible studies or DVDs or manipulatives -- things I never would've found looking at the online or paper catalog. SIGH. It is just so fun to see what you can find.

Anyway, the best part of the warehouse sale are the tables upon which are dumped scratch-n-dent, returns, and small inventory items that CBD wants out of its inventory. They have about 3 table sections full of homeschooling stuff, sections for movies, fiction, bibles, references, kids stuff, CDs and music. It is so much fun to see what you can find on the tables.

A couple Saturdays ago my friend Susan and I went, and I picked up an Easter gift for each boy:

Ben is getting the NIV Boy's Bible. He's been using my NIV to complete his CBS lesson, and I thought it was time to get him his own. It is a hard cover (mental note: boys should not have soft cover Bibles), and I hope it will last him for many, many years.

Luke is getting the Armor of God game. He is really getting into games, but many of our preK/ K games were ruined in one of our basement floods at the old house, and I just haven't gotten around to replacing them. I think Luke will love this game, though, because it has armour in it's title. And, I hope he'll learn so much about the tools the Lord's given him for his life.

Levi is getting a board book about the legend of the Easter Egg. It was $0.99. I had to get it.

So, the communal Easter basket is done.

For School I purchased:

LifePac's Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkade for Ben for next year. It will go over many of the principles we're working our way through using How To Teach Art To Children but in a DVD format. Originally $49. I purchased it for $17.

Singapore Math's 1B Home Instructor Guide. Originally $15. I got it for $4

Singapore Math's 4A workbook and 4B worktext. Originally $8.50 each. I paid $2ish each.

Next year we'll do Wordly Wise 3000 Book 4. I picked up the Test Booklet (originally $8.50. Paid $1.99) and Answer Key (Originally $3.10. Paid $0.69). I know I wouldn't have purchased either of these if I hadn't gotten them super cheap.

I'll begin adding in Stories of the Great Composers book 1 with CD in the next few weeks to re-start our music appreciation. The book has a short unit on each of 12 different composers. Each unit has a short biographical story, another historical fiction story about the composer's life (Bach, for example, includes a story about all the musicians in his family), a short summary of some important compositions by each composer, and a page with either a matching activity, word search, or some other short way pen-and-pencil activity to help the students review information about each composer. The CD has a composition from each artist for listening. We will probably do one unit each week for 12 weeks. I just noticed on the back that the age range for this book (and a book 2, which I don't have yet) is considered late-elementary and junior-high aged students. However, after looking it over, I can't imagine this being difficult for Ben or Luke. Originally, it was $12.95. I purchased it for $2.69!

I also picked up a couple random Key to Fraction workbooks. I could only find student workbook 1 and 4, but that is OK. They were each originally $3.45, but I paid $0.79 for each.

Finally, I picked up a My Weekly Health Journal from Essential Learning Products (Regularly $2.95; I paid $0.59). It has the students write down what they ate each day, the type of physical activity they did, and encourages them to think about ways they could've been more healthy that week. Since we just went on a field trip to the grocery store (focus was on healthy eating choices) and are working on the President's Physical Fitness Challenge, this is something I'm looking forward to incorporating into our schooling.

Yea! I love finding bargains like this!

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