Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Easter Traditions

Easter really crept up on me this year. I've been feeling pretty lousy all week, and now it is Good Friday. I'm thankful our church held a service and we could go -- it really put me in the mood for the incredible historical event that occurred 2000 years ago.

Last year for the first time, we made resurrection cookies. They worked OK, but I've got boys who do not like nuts. So, this year, we'll try the resurrection buns. I think these will go over much better. I might try to bake them on Saturday night, send the boys off to bed, and then on Sunday morning, they'll have their buscuits ready to eat with their breakfast. Hopefully, the empty "tomb" effect won't experience a cave in. Hmm, I might have to re-think that.

Usually, we begin using our Resurrection Eggs 12 days before Easter, opening one egg per night and reading from a Bible the passage that goes along with the egg. Again, because of sickness, we did a crash course with the eggs tonight, opening all but the last one (the empty one).

We've had these Eggs since Ben was about 3 or so -- and it is such a joy to see how even at 8, Ben enjoys guessing what is in them. I don't read the entire text that comes in the booklet with the eggs, because some of it I want to reveal to the boys as they get older and more mature. And, with a 5 year age span between oldest and youngest, I have to keep some "tricks" up my sleeve to keep everyone interested. Tomorrow night, we'll read Benjamin's Box, which is a story that goes along with the Resurrection Eggs. (Wow, I just did a search on Amazon for this book. It is apparently out of print. What a shame. I've thankful that I've got a copy to pass on to the boys for my grandchildren).

We do some other more traditional/ secular celebratory things: coloring eggs (tomorrow night), usually an egg hunt (will have to be inside this year, since we still have far too much snow to make an outdoor hunt possible). Grandma usually fills some eggs with candy, some with coins -- not sure if we'll be so lavish in furnishing our eggs here this year :)

I'd be interested in learning other's Easter Traditions -- we're first generation Christians trying to share all the wonderful Good News with our kids and always interested in learning other fun ways to share the Good News with our kids! If you've posted your own fun traditions, leave me a comment so I can some "borrow" some ideas from you!

Hallelujah! He has risen indeed!

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