Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week 25 Report

Our catch up week is over. It was a great mix of school and friends:

Monday: Afternoon sledding birthday party and dinner afterwards
Tuesday: Another friend is going to homeschool! She and 3 of her 4 kids came over to talk homeschool and so the older boys could re-aquaint.
Wednesday: Ben skiied with Daddy and friends
Thursday: More sledding with friends from church
Friday: No CBS, but we did have gym.

So, I think Ben's had 7 straight days of hanging out with friends for one activity or another -- and they say homeschoolers don't get socialization, huh?

Our days - except Wednesday - have been filled with half days of school. We've doubled up on History and Science readings. We advanced through 1 1/2 weeks of science and are now in week 20 -- right on track for finishing Chemistry by the first week in July. The last 4 weeks or so are rocks and geology, which means the snow should have melted by then :) so we can go outside and be rock hounds. Next week, we'll break into our first Young Scientist Club kit. These kits are always a hit here.

We also scooted ahead in our history reading. are are now in Week 6, according to the SL IG. This is really not bad, considering we've got a very short school week when Ben is skiing. We started SL 8 weeks ago, so I think we're doing great. I really have been appreciating the worldview notes in John Holzman's Incans, Aztecs & Mayans. It helped to understanding these pagan cultures in light of God's Word. In SL's IG, the students are supposed to do a mini-report during the 6th week. I will assign this to Ben next week when we've totally finished reading Pocahontas and the Strangers. Once he picks his topic, we'll use our 1985 set of free encyclopedias for him to use to look up information. Then, we'll look at our CD encyclopedia to gain experience with different research methods.

Despite our break from Latin and most of our language arts subjects, Ben did have to continue to learn and review his Latin vocabulary. LL uses some Quia games to reinforce vocabulary learning, and I'm really pleased with his progress in this area. He's even learned his chants by heart, too!

I love the MUS drill site and copywork to help Ben learn his math facts. He's learning x6 and by Friday -- after a week of copywork -- he achieved 100% accuracy in 70-ish seconds for this table. Next week, we'll continue to use the MUS drill to increase his recall. I'll also start adding back in a quick addition or subtraction drill into his math program using Flashmaster.

The only bummer/ blunder this week was that I forgot to do art. We're supposed to be learning about color. I think I'll just shelve it until skiing is over in two weeks, so I don't have to feel guilty about it.

Kindergarten: Luke is on lesson 13 of 100EZ lessons. We'll be repeating this lesson next week, because he tends to sound out each phoneme separately rather than blending them together in a slow manner. I won't let him go further until he gets this down. If he has trouble with it for more than a few days this week, then we'll put 100EZ lessons away for a little while and just work on learning AAS's phonograms. We also are working on "reading" the numbers 1-10 and recognizing them better, so we made a set of cards that we can use to play Go Fish, Concentration, etc. with. The best part was --- using stickers; boy, did I earn some Mom Points with that idea.


Tina in WA said...

I agree about the socialization debate. My kids spend quality time with their friends a lot more then I did as a child.

Couldn’t skiing be considered an art? :o)

Lisa~ said...

Hey girlfriend! What a funtabulaus week for your boys! I hope you got some socilization in too! *Ü*

I still have my book from John Holzman.... it was used in SL 6 the last time we used SL. My kids read it again last year.... It is a great book.

I enjoyed your week... and wow! What a fun week it was...

Oh and Tina... skiing would be a skill. *Ü* although if he can do some fancy turns... maybe artistic expression???? *Ü*