Saturday, March 8, 2008

Week 26 Report

Lots going on this week!

Ben: We're slowly working our way through history. I'm looking forward to when ski lessons are over (next week is the last one) so that we can find a routine, a rut even! Math continues to chug away. Ben is using the MUS drill (online) for his fact practice, We're working through the times table and he is doing 20 x6 problems in 40 seconds. I'm pretty happy with this and just am so thankful that math is clicking now. We learning the algorithm to complete problems such as 23x4. He seems to understand it and we'll practice a lot next week.

Ben whizzed through 2 weeks worth of science experiments on Tuesday; I love when he does this, when he "messes" up my schedule!

He's also working on his mini-report about Christopher Columbus for his history study. I was uncertain if I was going to include these activities from the Sonlight IG, but after reading about them, I realized that these mini-reports are not unlike the narrations we've been doing since 1st grade with our Story of the World study. I've asked him to read a section from the encyclopedia about Columbus. Then, for each section, I asked him to write out two important things (in SOTW, I'd ask him to tell me two things, so I am asking him to do more writing now). Next week, we'll order his items and put them in paragraph form. We'll be using History Scribe's biography pages to make this look all pretty for our notebook.

Final mention is that Ben presented a Robert Frost poem to Dave -- A Time to Talk. I'm trying to get him more comfortable with illustrating and drawing, so I had him illustrate the poem. This is the second draft; in the first one the stone wall was over the horseman's head and appeared to be made of concrete and the farmer had a rake instead of a hoe; he also appeared to only have stirrup leggings on without a shirt. We had a good chuckle at this (and at rawing of pants, which Ben and Luke said looked more like a sack), and then Ben presented me with this picture:

Luke: Lukie is working on lesson 16 of 100EZ lessons. At the beginning of the week, he was having trouble sounding out words slowly (i.e: eat sounds like "eeeeett"). But by the end of the week he was getting it easier. We're also working on recognizing the numbers 0-10 and writing them. Oh! He finished his first Explode the Code book, Get Ready for the Code. He was really, really excited.

We went to our local grocery store for a nutrition field trip -- it was fantastic. The got to try some strange fruits, see where the cakes are decorated, see them slice cheese, go into the huge freezer and the mild/ butter/ juice cooler. We're using this as a jumping off point for a nutrition log that Ben will begin to keep on himself.

On a more personal note, my grandmother has had a hemorrhagic stroke. This happened early in the week, and she seems to be doing OK; she's lost the vision in her right eye because of the bleed and is having word finding trouble, but is apparently stable now. I'm thankful to God for answering my prayers.

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