Friday, March 14, 2008

Week 27 Report

We were all sick this week. Thankfully, just colds and coughs, no fevers or ear infections (though I am tempted to take Levi to the dr. tomorrow to check out his ears, because he's pulled on them a bit today). We still did school, but it was less exciting than in weeks past.

Kindergarten: I have done only a little school with Luke this week, but what I did accomplish with him is giving me hope that 100EZ will help him cross the blending bridge successfully. And, he's been learning the phonograms from step 1 of our All About Spelling program. Today, Levi sat next to him on the steps as we reviewed them, and he did his best to repeat their sounds. I wish I could've recorded that. It is priceless to see him so earnestly sit there saying his sounds, smiling and thinking, "This is the best." Makes me want to eat him up. Luke is doing a great job recognizing his numbers better -- less confusion with 6 and 9 this week -- and he is writing them with more ease than before. We didn't read Winnie this Week. I've actually swapped it out and decided to read through the Little House books with the boys. Both Ben and Luke are enjoying Little House in the Big Woods.

Third Grade: Phew! Ski lessons are over. Report has it that Ben did a great job! On their last day, Dave took him to a black diamond run (no moguls though), and he did very well. I am pleased to hear that he can parallel turn and doesn't get out of control on the mountain. I'm equally pleased to hear that he loves the sport! Dave talked with his instructor, who classified him as having level "5" skills. We honestly don't know what that means, but considering he started his lessons in a level "1" class, I should think he did well!

  • Read Aloud: Sign of the Beaver (I can tell Ben really likes this one)

  • History: Finishing up our Incas, Aztecs & Mayas

  • FLL 3: Working on prepositions

  • Math: Multiplication of 2-3 digit number by a single number. Ben is having no trouble with this right now. Next week, we'll introduce the traditional algorithm for division and long division. I read ahead in the HIG to see how they encourage you to teach it with manipulatives, and I really, really loved it. I wish they would've taught us the "why" behind long division when I was a kid. Ben did a little drill this week at the MUS website; I've asked him to start drilling division facts 2-6. I also need to start re-incorporating the Flashmaster. I think I'll do three days per week on MUS and two days per week on Flashmaster.

  • Spelling: We actually haven't done spelling in about two weeks. But not for a good reason, just running out of time in our condensed 3 day school week. We'll be back up and running next week.
  • Bible verse memorization: We're working on Psalm 121. I am totally amazed at how easy it is for him to memorize Bible verses!
  • Science: We finished three different phase change experiments today. We talked about doing Noeo Physics II next year for 4th grade and Ben said, "I'm all about physics."

Ben did finish his mini-report on Christopher Columbus. I was very proud of him. This is what he wrote:

Christopher Columbus was born into a family of Genoese wool weavers. Columbus told John II of Portugal that he was going to go to India by sailing west instead of east. He hoped the King would lend him some ships, but the King refused. Columbus went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, and asked them to give him ships. They refused. Later the Queen changed her mind. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. Christopher Columbus took four voyages.

He completed a drawing, too: He turned blank when I told him to illustrate it, and when I gave him the idea of showing Columbus standing on the beach for the first time ever, he drew exactly what I said: a boat and a man. I had to encourage him bit-by-bit to embellish his drawing. Now, what is up with this? On his own, he'll draw rebel fighters blasting away at the bad guys (storm troopers, I guess) and death stars, but ask him to draw anything else, and he looks at me as if I'm speaking a foreign language. Perhaps he's inherited my artistic creativity -- none. nil. nada.

So, that was our week. I meant all week to write about the deals I got at the CBD warehouse sale, but just never got around to it. Once I start bringing them in and shelving them, I'll go ahead and share some of the new things we'll be adding in this spring/ summer/ fall. Some are things we'll use soon (finally, back to music appreciation) and others will be for 4th grade studies.


Paige said...

Sorry you were sick, hope you all feel better. Sounds like you had a good week, considering!

Lisa~ said...

Oh yuck... no fun being sick... :( so sorry... but...

Woohoo on the level 5 ski class! So I will guess... he will do this again next season?? *Ü* I better keep up with him... he could be an up and coming Olympic champ some day! *Ü*

You got a lot done in spite of some... not feeling well... excellent... week 27 down for you and 9 more to go!

Have a great week!