Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week 28 Report

I think I'm a week off in my counting, but oh, well. Don't sweat the small stuff.

I was mostly sick this week. I think it was a sinus infection, because my whole face and head hurt. It was hard for me to admit to needing to take a day off, but I finally decided that Wednesday needed to be a nap day more than anything else, so I took both a morning nap and an afternoon nap. My morning nap involved me curled up on the couch, Ben sitting down by my feet, Luke laying on top of me (really, I asked him to do this; it keeps me warm), and I spooned Levi laying in front of me. It was heaven really. Someday these boys will all be too big to fit on our love seat sized sofa and too big to keep me warm all at the same time. I'm thankful that they love to cuddle their mama and help her feel better.

Ben was really amazing this week and is getting very independent in completing his work. It's all kinda hazzy right now, but either Monday or Tuesday he finished breakfast, did his chores and started his schoolwork without any help from me. It was a huge blessing.

I don't honestly recall much of what we did this week. Ben did a Young Scientist Club experiment kit about weights and measures. We learned about different densities of liquids. He build a scale, too. I realized that I have an older version of SL's Incans, Aztecs and Mayans, which explains why my 2005 IG's page numbers do not match up with the page numbers I have in my book. We didn't make too much progress in Latin; I must admit, I am haven't found my groove for this book yet, so I need to make a better effort at getting it done, because what we have used I do indeed like.

Oh, Long division! Ben started doing this -- I love how the HIG visualizes and explains long division. I was so excited about it, I actually explained long division to Dave. We're from the educational background where they taught us the formula for how to do long division, but never explained the "why" behind it. So, I felt it was in Dave's best interests to now know the reasons why we do long division the way we do it. He was not nearly as excited about this discover as I was, but I liked explaining it again.

We're really enjoying Sign of the Beaver. Luke has decided to sit in with us and listen. (Poor Luke -- he finally got some school today, since I was feeling tons better. He's had a tough week himself. He's either not sleeping well at nigh, which is causing him to be very grumpy during the day, or he's in a growth spurt and is needing more sleep right now; either way, he's really had a lot of characater issues going on. Of course, me being sick and not feeling quite up to speed to correct him nor be able to stem off any eruptions didn't help either.)

That's about all I can remember from this week. That, and I used a lot of tissue. But that's probably TMI, right? (Too much information). Oh, and Tylenol has flavored their cold and sinus caplets with a refreshingly cool mint flavor that makes taking them not nearly so horrible as before.

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