Friday, April 11, 2008

Week 31 Report

Oh my, I can't believe it is week 31; it really doesn't matter that much since we school year round, but just seeing us inch towards 40 does mean that in fact WARM WEATHER IS COMIN' SOON. I'm tired of my feet always being cold. I should be thankful -- the snow is all gone from our yard and we actually went to a park on Thursday!

3rd grade: Is scooting along well. Ben is doing very well with his math, grammar, and science. We are finally into the Landmark Book for US History; it is enjoyable despite lots of warnings about it being dry. Ben made an advertisement to encourage settlers to come to the new world. We picked up the pace in Latin this week to finish the first Lesson (chapter). I just love the grammar stage and the ease in which students can memorize! Speaking of memorization, Ben's been working on Psalm 121 for 8 weeks now. I decided to not have him memorize Poe's Bells peom so he could concentrate on this for now. I'm not a huge fan of this poem anyway. We played hookey from CBS today, but for good reason. Wednesday the boys had three activities to attend: Ben had a manner's lesson, a self-defense class at a martial arts studio, and Wed. night church program. Then yesterday Dave work the boys up at 6 am and said, "You guys wanna go skiing?" So they all hopped in the car and took off for a great day of spring skiing.

Kindergarten: Luke is doing so well in his reading lesson. He's getting the idea of blending down better, and can do it quite easily when he's not being goofy. I think this will be my challendge with Luke -- getting serious work out of him. He's always been such a ham and can get us to laugh very easily, but he is carrying over that attitude occasionally with his lessons.

We also worked on our warm/ cool collage. It was a group project: (insert here)

2-year old: Just today we picked up Levi's desk. It is so cute! He is now the Keeper of the Markers, as his desk is between his big brothers' desks -- easily within reach to all. He asks to do school all the time, and he found the Leap Frong learning games that Luke got for Christmas a few years ago -- these are perfect for him! So, we will have fun with the domino matching games and the bingo games.

I have to get the batteries recharged in my camera so I can upload the pictures.

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