Friday, April 25, 2008

Weeks 32 through 33

We've been field trippin' of the past couple weeks. Last week we did THREE trips: the local planetarium for a wonderful 2 hour homeschool program on the Spring Sky. The boys made a model of the big dipper and we viewed the spring stars at the sky show:

Can you see the big dipper?

How about now?

Daddy had a 3+ day course to attend in New York, so instead of staying home alone, two days later we motored to Massachusetts to see Grandma and visit the Mayflower II and Plimouth Plantation!

[Pathetic moment alert, brought to you by my hormones, I'm sure: I cried as we watched the introductory film to Plimouth Plantation. Not about the film itself, but about actually BEING at this place FINALLY in our homeschooling journey. The film itself just introduces visitors to the facility, explains the premise (real Natives at the Wampanoag site and actors portraying the lifestyles of those pilgrims/ settlers who came in the 1630s). The film encourages visitors to ask questions.

At the end, I tried to hold back tears as I explain to my mostly shy crew of boys, "Now, guys, be sure to ask questions if you don't understand anything or if you want to know something about what life was like back then. And, if you are a little scared, let me know and I'll help you." But, I'm crying because in my head I'm thinking, "THIS is what I've been waiting for for 6 years, since I first agreed to homeschool Ben and our children. I've been waiting to take advantage of all that New England has to offer in terms of learning opportunities for our kids.... and it is finally here!" It was a mom moment. Well, maybe not for most moms, but for THIS mom, it just made me thankful for where we are today in our homeschooling journey.]

We also saw our local homeschool Shakespeare production of Much Ado About Nothing. It was wonderful. And the boys really enjoyed it. They laughed at Dogberry, who was a very talented comic relief, as was his sidekick. But, they were sad that Benedict didn't get to fight Claudio. "Too much love in it. Not enough fighting." Boys will be boys!

In other subjects, we are progressing, though I must admit our history lessons are being sidetracked right now. Ben is set to finish Singapore Math 3A at the middle of June, which I'm pleased about. Right now we need to practice not so much the math facts, but operations -- he's making some simple computation errors when he adds numbers carried in 3 digit multiplication. We've slacked off on our spelling lessons for no other reason than we've just been busy. Ben's doing a great job with guided diagramming of sentences. We seem to be back in gear with Latin in terms of doing it more than just once per week. We're learning the 1st declension and have a nifty little jingle to help us remember, "Nomintative, genative, dative, accusative, ablative." It has a bit of blues rhythm to it, so we usually jive around the kitchen singing our declensions!

Kindergarten? Well, God blesses Luke, because even when his reading lessons are spotty during the week, he still remembers his sounds and blends well and comprehends what he is reading. Thank you, God, for covering my weaknesses and mistakes!

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Lisa~ said...

Oh! NO way! I’m so jealous of you East Coast folks!! So much rich history to go and see.... from America’s beginnings.... I probably would have been teary eyed too...

What a blessing... everything you went and did sounds just awesome!

Good to be back here for a visit.