Thursday, May 22, 2008

Annual Review Complete: We Passed!

I didn't shed any tears this year as I drove to our portfolio reviewer's house. I took that to mean we had a good year.

Last year, we moved in December, which basically shot November out of the water (packing, driving for house inspections, lots of telephone time with realtors, mortgage loan people, etc.), December and January (unpacking, finding Christmas stuff, having Christmas, putting it all away, unpacking more stuff....). We had gotten off schedule with SOTW, math progressed, but sloooowly, we all but stopped Latin. I felt like such a complete failure. (Thus, the tears.) God bless Sue, our evaluator, for encouraging me and showing me that I had provided a good education for Ben (he learned, he made progress, etc.) and reminding me that it was a season -- just a moment in time -- and we would recover from it all.

Fast forward to this year. For the most part, we accomplished what we needed to, we exceeding some of my goals, and I am feeling more comfortable in making decisions and choices for my kids and their education.

As I spoke with Sue about our educational choices, she encouraged me to continue to pursue the plans I had laid out for Ben -- using Susan Wise Bauer's writing model as a guide, following through with First Langauge Lessons and All About Spelling. I felt validated in my new-found opinion about our history/ literature plan for the coming year. It was an excellent couple hours talking with this great lady about where we are in homeschooling and life in general.

Ben "passed" third grade, and I did, too. As we finish up these next couple weeks (We officially start 4th grade in July), I look forward to preparing for Luke's official kindergarten year and continuing on our educational journey with Ben. I love homeschooling!

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