Sunday, May 4, 2008

God Spotting - Knowing my calling

This is a label under which I write about the ways I see God working in my life. Sometimes, in the midst of a busy day -- or week -- or year, it is hard to remember when the Lord touches and directs my life. So, I am using a portion of this blog to record those moments when I can see God so clearly directing my path. Then, I can share with my children (with clear memories versus vague recollections) how God went before me and directed my path.

About three weeks ago I received a call from a leader in the children's ministries at CBS. She called to ask me to pray about being involved in a children's ministry roll next year. Funny thing is, just the week before, I'd felt comfortable with my decision to not be at CBS next year. And, just one or two days before the call, I'd felt like God was calling me to be more responsible in my roll of administration with our children's sunday school program and to pray about volunteering in the monthly Moppets program at our church. Seemed like God had a bunch for me to do next year already, and I was just sure CBS wasn't a part of it.

I explained my decision, but told her I'd pray about it (they only ask after the leadership team prays about it, so I thought it wise to also reconsider and pray about it). So, I did pray about it, talked to my wonderful dh about it (briefly), and considered it as I did my own morning devotional (spotty, at best, but at least I got it in a few times!). I also received a (much appreciated) letter which more fully explained the time committment required for this type of job I was being asked to do.

Really, until I'd received that letter I was thinking, "wow, if a whole bunch of people had been praying about this and felt that God was telling them to ask me to pray about it, I sure better do it!" But, then I got the letter and realized that this position involved not just attending the weekly CBS meetings, but also leadership training monthly (during school hours) and other trainings and retreats, my heart just sank. One of the reasons I wanted to stop attending CBS next year was because it will be Luke's official K year, Ben's 4th grader year....and I just feel like it is an important year for us -- for me -- to get my feet wet hsing more than one student. Oh! to committ to something like this just felt -- weightly and burdensome.

But, I prayed some more.

Then, two weeks ago, I spoke with Dave about it. He encouraged me to stick with my first decision and not attend CBS -- and not help out in leadership. "If you've been praying about this, then stick to your first decision.... Do what is best for our family...."

"OK, then I'm not going to do it." Turn off the light. Go to bed.

For the next week, I "tried on" this decision. Guess what? It felt sooooo right. No regrets. And,the conviction that participating in MOPPETS next year became more strong.

Last Friday, at our last CBS, I spoke with one of the leaders and explained my decision. She was elated that I'd prayed about it, and received confirmation through a gift of peace from God. I am elated, too.

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