Sunday, May 11, 2008

I-don't-even-know-what-week Report

I'm so off on my weekly reports. Since it has finally turned spring, I find that it is harder to make the time to summarize what we've been up to. Nights are still cool, and I've enjoyed cuddling up to my husband to watch a baseball game. The Celtics have been doing well, so I've been sitting with DH while he watches those games.

We are making progress in all our subjects. Last week we read our science book about plastics. This coming week we are learning about recycling; I'm hoping to set up a field trip to the landfill to learn more about recycling and waste. We've gotten much better about recycling since we moved to this house, and I'd like to boys to begin thinking about it for themselves.

We've taken a week off of spelling - basically I just forgot to schedule it. So, next week, we'll work through step 12, meaning we're almost 1/2 way through All About Spelling level 3.

We're reading Johnny Tremain right now. Everyone is really liking it (I read a bunch last night before I feel asleep. Shh! don't tell Ben!) and I am looking forward to taking some Boston field trips in June to explore some of the sites we've been reading about.

Ben is almost done with SM 3a; we'll start the unit on money, which is the last section in this book. He is doing well, but still making some careless mistakes with his facts or copying. I know this will work itself out with practice, and I think we'll spend much of June just working through the intensive practice 3A book that I have and the challenging word problem books, but making up multi-digit multiplication and division problem pages for him to do. The topics in 3B seem pretty light compared with what we've just done, and I know that will give him a chance to use his facts in other contexts plus just let them percolate and solidify in his little head.

We did some great art projects this week; I'll have to scan them and post them later.

One thing I learned about myself and homeschooling last week is that I've become very reliant on my HST assignment calendars! I didn't get around to making one for last week until Wednesday or Thursday, and it sure showed in what we accomplished (or didn't)! I'm really, really thankful for this tool!

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