Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Portrait of a Child -- the youngest of three

Me: "Levi, how old are you?"

Levi: "Me five."

Me: "No, you are two."

Levi: "Me six."

I shake my head, give a slight smile -- unnoticed by the boy -- and walk away. Some battles are better left alone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The best 9th birthday party ever!

When Ben asked for a Star Wars party, I knew exactly where to go to copy ideas: the web. There is now no need to every need to think up your own games or activities or cakes for a themed birthday. Undoubtedly, someone has already done it and written about it on some web page or another.

The party was a sleep over in the backyard; Dave set up the Mondo Condo tent we are so thankful to have.
But before sleeping, ran around the house having light saber fights (mental note: 8-11 year olds don't need as many structured games as 5 year olds do), then we had dinner (pizza) and cake and ice cream. Is this a cool cake or what?
We played a couple games. The boys had to keep a balloon in the air by hitting it with a foam lightsaber:and building pod racers with legos and voting on which was best. We only gave them 10 minutes to do this, because this game could have seriously taken all night for the boys:They watched Revenge of the Sith (birthday boy request), then crashed for about 6 hours. We had pancakes in the morning (I had lots of coffee), then they ran around outside playing with lightsabers again.
We love you Ben!

Busy, busy, busy

June is a very busy time for us here. We've got the end of school (for official purposes), Ben's birthday, our support group's annual recitation, a visit from Nana and Opa, our anniversary, Father's Day, and the end of baseball season. Phew!
But now that nearly everything is over (last game is tomorrow, all the relatives are gone), I've had a chance to upload some pictures from our visit with Nana and Opa. I had planned on a day trips with them. First, we visited the Minute Man National Park in Concord, Massachusetts. It was fabulous especially since we were in the middle of reading Johnny Tremain. We actually just finished Johnny Tremain last Friday and I couldn't help blurt out while reading, "We were there, Ben! Remember, standing on the North Bridge?"
We also took in the Hartwell Tavern, which was a more hands on stop for the boys. They saw a musket fired (similar to what was shown to us at Fort Ticonderoga last fall) and had a whole trunk of period dress up pieces. Leave it to Luke to be easily talked into trying on some of their garb:
Could a minute man be any more adorable?

And finally we took in a great multi-media retelling of the battle of Lexington-Conord. We accidently did the whole park backwards, but the boys didn't seem to notice.

A few days later we drove back to the New England Aquarium to see the penguins (Luke's favorite thing) and the sharks, turtles and sting rays. We even got to see the octopus move in her/ his tank, which is apparently quite rare.

We will be passing through Boston again next week, and I hope to stop and see Bunker Hill and maybe even John Adam's home. There are still so many places I want to see, but I have to remind myself that we'll be passing through this period of history three more times. We have lots of time to explore and discover.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Make Over!

Darcy at Graphically Designing re-opened her queue for those wanting a blog makeover. I certainly do. Blogger's bland modern beige template is just not doin' it for me anymore. I'm more of a simple person, but this template is just way too simple.

In preparation of her overhaul here, I've been surfing the web looking for stock photos and graphics that I like. My first thought was a wheat/ farm theme (sometimes, I'm a little too literal with the whole "harvest" thing).
Then, I started thinking about how my boys love to bring me bouquets of dandelions. They have no idea that other people in the neighborhood spray them with pesticides or that our neighbor downwind of us wishes we'd spray them with pesitcides!

I found a few things I like, or could come to like with some tweaking. And, I know there are elements of this blog I like (how wide it is) and elements of other blogs I don't like (when sidebar backgrounds end at differing levels and it looks like an upside down bar graph). I think I'm more of a "floater" for sidebars. Anyway, prepare to say good by to modern beige and I hope you'll look forward to seeing something more eye catching!