Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Last Days of Summer = What I Still Have to Finish Up

Updated 7/28/08....

I cannot, cannot, canNOT believe August starts this Friday. July -- as usual -- has flown by. It has been quite rainy here for the last week (and looks to be the same this coming week), so I need to do a better job of getting us out of the house for some fun inside (or else I might go crazy!). I'm thinking of printing off some of the free coupons to our local bowling center and going there one day, looking for a paint-your-own-pottery place another...stuff like that.

However, I do need to find some time to re-devote to getting ready for school. I am thinking the potential public humiliation of not completing this tasks will motivate me some. So mom, Leslie (Hi!), and anyone else who swings on by, please hold me to these tasks to be completed:

  1. Email my friend Katie and find out her make-ahead-and-freeze muffin recipe. I'd love to have something like this on hand for healthy snacks and breakfasts. Done - awaiting a yummy reply.
  2. Re-visit our Goals Page from last year-- spend some time praying about it and revising our goals for the new year. I won Evaluating for Excellence in an Ebay auction and can't wait for it to arrive. I will hold off on this until I can read and study it. I'm really looking at this from the Big Picture standpoint. Going back to our reasons and goals in homeschooling and seeing that what we do helps us to move in the direction we've set out. I'd like to know that each subject is helping us get closer to our goals. Need to pray more.
  3. Compose a new learning contract for Ben. Focus: responsibility, diligence. Write out these definitions for him. Look through Plants Grown Up for some biblical assistance.
  4. Administer the placement test for CLE's language arts. I'm waiting for this in the mail, but as I've gone ahead and printed out Lively Latin and have seen all the grammar in there, I'm considering not doing any grammar this year...story developing.
  5. Look through the remaining Readers from Core 3; I'm considering purchasing CLE's Reading program to begin some more critical reading skills for him. I'm just not satified with the questions posed for the Readers (in general, as I haven't read through the questions in books we haven't gotten to yet).
  6. Download and print out Lively Latin. Enter Lively Latin into HST and schedule daily (4 times per week). Plan to finish it by March or so. Lessons 3-7 have been entered into HST. The entire 300 page book has been printed. Oh, my aching printer.
  7. Purchase Wordly Wise 3000 book 4.
  8. Oh, yea, finish cleaning the school room. I've really been putting this off (like all summer) but I really need to do it to freshen my brain. I feel like my brain won't have all the cobwebs removed until I've tidied the school room, gotten the new curtains in place for it, and just finished it all around. Only a slight amount of progress made in this realm.

I know there are more things I need, but I'll just keep adding/ crossing off as I accomplish things. Wow, as I look at the list, there are more "big project" things than I thought. I still have quite a few big decisions to make about curriculum for Ben. Luke, on the other hand, is all set. Everything that is specific to him is all planned out (a month of assignments has already been printed out and in my planner book!), and the Fine Arts courses that he and Ben complete together are already scheduled and in HST for the first month or more.

I've also already broken our school year into quarters:

August 25 - October 24
October 27 - January 16
January 19 - March 20
March 30 - May 29

Each quarter is 9 weeks and I've planned a week of for spring break (I have a secret mission to try to get Dave to take a Spring Break with us and go somewhere for it. It doesn't have to be a big deal, but I would like us to get away and do something fun).

Although we do not have to adhere to a minimum number of school days in my state I do try to keep 180 days a minimum number of school days for us. Most subjects will be scheduled just 4 times per week, but Friday will be catch up day in case we've got appointments and "life" happening. We will have our co-op gym class in the fall, so we'll have the morning to work through the last bits to finish up our week.

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Unknown said...

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your summer and are able to accomplish everything that you have on your list!
It sounds like the Masters family might be trying to plan a family gathering in the black hills for next summer. If it works out I hope you guys can make it! We would love to see you!