Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our 2008-2009 Curriculum and Resources

For Fourth Grade

US History through 1900s -- Sonlight Core 3's history, read alouds and readers; utilize TOG units to flesh out Civil War, reparations, industrial revolution through 1900s

Geography -- mapping according to Sonlight Core 3 & TOG; puzzle maps; Scrambled States; learn capitals of all the states; Seterra free computer game

Language Arts:

Math -- Singapore Math 3b and 4A. We progress at Ben's pace. We'll also use CWP (still have CWP 2 to work through), IP and perhaps EP books. I have some Keys to Fractions to use when we get to that point.

Foreign Language: Continue with Lively Latin

Bible -- Sing the Word vol. 3 for verse memorization. Bible studies will include: Choosing Obedience, Prayer Adventures for Boys and Girls, and Boy, Have I Got Problems (inductive Bible study of James by Kay Arthur). Daily Bible reading/ devotional

Science: Physics -- Real Science for Kids: Level 1- Physics and Developing Critical Thinking through Science

Fine Arts:

  • Visual Arts: How to Teach Art to Children & appreciation books at library.
  • Performance Arts: continue piano lessons; Stories of the Great Composers I; go to a concert & play

Critical Thinking Skills -- Building Thinking Skills 2


Phonics --

  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons through lesson 70; Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (this is what I did with Ben; if it works, great. If not, I will consider other options)
  • Explode the Code online
  • All About Spelling level 1

Handwriting -- Reason for Handwriting & copywork (dictation as it is introduced in AAS)

Bible -- Read Bible daily and daily quiet time (10 minutes); Leading Little ones to God; Parables for Kids

History -- Luke will listen in to Ben's

Science -- new & totally exciting! Yesterday's Classics nature books by Clara Dillingham Pierson. Farmyard animals, pond animals, night animals, forest and meadow animals. I'm also going to purchase Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study. Well try nature journals and color pictures of the animals we learn about. Luke will use this to practice narration. We're going green for science!

Critical Thinking Skills books

  • DEL 3 & 4- anticipate finishing Jan. 10, 09
  • Visual Perceptual Skill building book 2- begin after DEL finished
  • Beginning Thinking Skills-look to see where we left off last spring

Fine Arts

  • Visual Arts: How to Teach Art to Children
  • Performance arts: same music appreciation as Ben; plays and a concert

Update on Luke's planning: I've decided to start his handwriting, math, 100EZ lessons and science reading as well as finishing of DEL 3 in the first month or so of school; He'll be listening in on additional history, read alouds and science as well as doing art and music appreciation with Ben. I've taken out all the pages he needs for the first four weeks, printed out our schedules for this period of time, and have it already in my planning notebook. It feels so good to have this all done!

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