Monday, July 21, 2008

Rainy Day

It rained nearly every minute of the day today -- nothing hard, just a steady mist of rain to water my garden. But despite the rain, the boys had a great, great, great day -- one I'm writing about so I don't forget.

Sometime last week, maybe at VBS, Luke made a puppet out of a lunch sack. Levi, lover of all things puppet-ish, saw it and wanted one, too. So Luke took the reins of Big Brotherhood and helped him to make a couple. Armed with two puppets ("My muppets," Levi often calls them), the decide to put on a puppet show. Ben springs to action to grab bar stools and blankets to set up a makeshift stage. Animals fly down to the stairs for an audience. Tickets are crafted by Ben for the performance ("Ages," it says on the tickets, "9-41."). Finally the show starts. It is supposed to be the Knights of the Round Table. All Ben and I hear is feet being positioned on the green Little Tikes chairs behind the curtain, giggles, and the rustle of paper bags. "This is more of a comedy show than a puppet show," Ben quips. He's right -- we're all laughing at the prospect of a 2 and 5 year old putting on a show for us. They are having a blast back there.

The shows ended (there were two shows today-- one was a "joust") when Levi fell off the green chair into the blanket/curtain, which caused one of the bar stools to fall nearly on his head. I screamed, Levi cried and we all stiffled laughs.

I just loved how the boys all worked together to do something fun. It was a great morning.

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