Sunday, July 27, 2008

Silent Good Nights

I'm having some "mom time" today....which isn't as glamorous as it could be. I'm installing wire shelves in the boys' closest and printing out Lively Latin. The boys 'n daddy are at the running store and swimming at daddy's work.

As I listen to the endless drone of the printer, I was reminded of how quiet it is without the boys here. Which reminded me of how much I love Dave to take them for the day. Which reminded me of how important dads are. (Yes, there is a train to my thoughts!)

A few months ago, we were having trouble getting Levi to go down for bed quietly. I would read, pray and throw him in bed or bunny hop to bed with him (his choice), cuddle him up in blankies, make sure water was there, yada yada yada. The Usual. Then -- turn out the light.


After closing his door we'd often begin to hear him curtly scream, "No!" He was determined to not go to sleep.

After my repeated, futile attempts to calm Levi down or provide some physical discipline, etc., Dave stepped in. [Cue the "sound-of-the-heavens-opening-up."]

Dave wisely began to talk calmly to Levi every night for about a week to "practice" saying "Night mommy/ daddy" pleasantly after we would say these final words to him. The would practice in the rocking chair, practice when daddy tucked him in, and "practice" again at the door. Like magic, it worked! Dave transferred the technique to me, and Levi and I did pretty good most nights.

It was just as I was sitting here, in the relative quiet that I realized how wonderful putting Levi down has been for the past....I don't even know. Isn't that funny? It drove me out of my mind for so long that Levi would scream at me, but now that he doesn't, I can't recall when he stopped? We just crave calm in our lives. Well, I do at least.

Thank you, Lord, for my wise husband and for pleasant, silent good nights.

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Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how God uses circumstances and situations in our lives to help us realize things we have to be thankful for! :)