Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why Dandelions?

You might remember from this post, that I was thinking quite literally about harvesting when I first got in queue to have Darcy wave her fairy blogmother wand in my direction. Then, bunchs of dandelions burst into my head -- months before they had burst forth from our front, back and side yard, and I found them in jeans pockets, the cup holder of my car and the little vase from Grandma P. I love the smile, the joy and the love that accompany these bouquets from my boys. They are more beautiful than roses.

So, I rolled with the dandelion theme, and quicky remembered a Five Iron Frenzy tape that my dh had purchased for me when Ben was a baby because we loved the Dandelion song. If you've never heard it before, I did find the lyrics:

In a field of yellow flowers,underneath the sun,
bluest eyes that spark with lightning,boy with shoes undone.
He is young, so full of hope,reveling in tiny dreams,
filling up, his arms with flowers,right for giving any queen.

Running to her beaming bright,while cradling his prize.
A flickering of yellow light,within his mother's eyes.
She holds them to her heart,keeping them where they'll be safe,
clasped within her very marrow,dandelions in a vase.

She sees love, where anyone else would see weeds.
all hope is found.Here is everything he needs.

Fathomless your endless mercy,weight I could not lift.
Where do I fit in this puzzle,what good are these gifts?

Not a martyr, or a saint,scarcely can I struggle through.
All that I have ever wanted,was to give my best to you.
Lord, search my heart,create in me something clean.
You see flowers in these weeds.
Gently lifting hands to heaven,softened by the sweetest hush,
a Father sings over his children,loving them so very much.
More than words could warrant, deeper than the darkest blue,
more than sacrifice could merit,Lord, I give my heart to you.

What a great metaphor for the journey I am on as I homeschool my boys. Homeschooling is as much about discipling them as it is about being discipled myself.

So, click back again to watch the story unfold. I know I'm sure looking forward to seeing where God takes us.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... totally LOVE the new and fresh look!!

~yolanda said...

Great new look!

Lisa~ said...

Love it! I love that song...