Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Among the .. People" Science for K

I am looking forward to reading these stories written by a kindergarten teacher at the turn of the century for Luke's science. I think it will touch nicely on the features of these animals; added bonus is the moral of the story, too (character training and science in one!).

We will use the books in the following order:

Pond People - 18 chapters

Forest People - 20 chapters

Night People - 15 chapters (I might flip-flop this with Farmyard People; this may be a good one to read as spring comes)

Farmyard People - 18 chapters (to be read during winter)

Meadow People - 28 chapters (this will be great to read in th spring!)

I am planning on reading 3 per week. That means we've got 100 animals to read about and 108 lessons to plan for. I would like to be able to find coloring pictures for each animal, practice copywork of the animal's name later in the school year - I even have a Draw Write Now! book that has animals to learn to draw. And, I'd like to look into our Character First! curriculum to see if there are any animals that align with the books. (Character First associates an animal with a character trait to teach Christian values in a secular manner, however the materials were written by committed Christians and there are Christian add-ons available, but you can't find them on the website; you have to call and ask about them.)

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