Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Final Choices Made

....and nearly everything is purchased.

I wanted to have everything new that I needed for school to be ordered before this weekend. Aside from some Critical Thinking Press stuff, I'm done. Yea!

There were some changes from my original plan. You can check out our final curriculum choices here.

Choosing our language arts was very gruelling. Over the past two days, I'd given Ben Christian Light Education's language arts placement test. This curriculum was recommended to me by some Well Trained Mind forum ladies. He placed in the 400 series (4th grade), and I was very pleased to see that he remembered all the grammar we'd learned over the course of the past three years! (Go First Language Lessons! However, I just felt that I couldn't do FLL 4 this year because of the time committement it required of me to sit with him during the entire lesson. I'm trying to spread myself out so I can be a better mom to my other boys. It is hard being in three places at one time.) CLE's LA includes spelling and some writing, but I don't need those subjects, so I decided to go with Growing with Grammar's 4th grade program. We'll try it for a month; if we don't like it, I'll go back to tried and true (and much loved) FLL4.

I'm excited about Luke's science this year. He is too. We can't wait to read about animals. He gave me the sweetest hug today after I told him I'd ordered his science books about animals and said, "Thank you, mommy, for getting the books for me."

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