Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day at the Fair

Confession time: I've lived in this town/area for 7 years and this is the first year we went to our local fair. Really, we are not that lame; it just comes at a time in the school year that has been inconvenient. Well, despite inconvenience, I decided this year to take the kiddos to the fair. Oh, and we didn't spend a day there, just a couple hours. While it is a much talked about event here in my little neck of the woods, it is quite small in the grand scheme of County Fairs. Besides, I'm not a fan of spending an "easy" $40 for hot dogs, drinks, fries and dessert at these places.

Anyway, Here's what we saw:

A 500-650 pound pig. Oh. my. goodness. Of course, this isn't the pig. I forgot my camera, so I'm using pics I pulled off the web.

Alpacas, Llamas and a real live Zebus (anyone breaking out in a Larry Boy "Cebu" silly song?). Couldn't find a good Zebu picture on the web. Shoulda had my camera.

Fried dough. My friend Heidi met us to swap God's World News issues for a read aloud book I needed, and they shared their absolutely giganormous slab of fried dough. Lukie's eyes got big when he saw it, and enjoyed about 10 bites before he passed the solid cholesterol-laden dough to me.

It was dollar day for the kiddie rides, so I bought them all a ticket for one ride. Sadly, only SIX rides were eligible for the reduced ticket and they were all for 3-4 year olds. When they said kiddie rides, they meant kiddie rides. Ben and Luke went down the "super" slide and Levi wasted his ticket on the car ride, which he asked to be removed from because the bumps on the ride down scared him. Oh well.

We also found the 4-H barn, and enjoyed looking at the projects the kids completed. Then, we found the Cub Scout/ Boy Scout project area and Ben decided to submit something he will make this year for the fair next year. As we searched out these exhibit halls, we found walls of great photos from the photo contest. The boys really enjoyed looking at those, too.

And, who couldn't help but notice all the cool carnival games! The boys did lots of rubber neckin' as we passed these activities. I think I'll have to loosen my grip on their spending habits (now that they have allowances) and next year let them decide if they'd like to use their hard earned allowance spending money on the shoot 'em up games. If they want to use up their money, fine. It will be a lesson learned, I'm sure, in making wise financial decisions. It is best to start young.

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