Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finding Our Rhythm

For years I have made up hour-by-hour schedules for the flow of our days. They never really worked out, because it was all based on what I wanted out of a day. This year, I toyed with pretty Excel MOTH (Managers of Their Home) schedules, but never got beyond the "playing with it" stage.

We're now 2 1/2 months into our school and I can see a flow to our day that has evolved throughout this process. Ben has a segment of school that he is largely responsible for on his own. Luke has a small number of things that constitute his education that require me to be him the entire time while Levi hangs on every word I say to Luke. We've found a nice rhythm to our day -- usually.

It is nice to be at the place, though I need to remind myself not to get uptight when we start a little late or something else comes up. It is OK. I am teaching my kids to be flexible and trust in God that His plan is better than mine.

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