Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week 8 Report

Not a horrible lot that is exciting to post. Last week, my parents were here for a couple days. We had a combined birthday party for Luke and Levi on the 4th, so the were able to get a couple quick flights out here for that. The blessed us with a kid-free evening - took the kids to a hotel for swimming and sleepover. Dave and I hopped in the car and went to see Fireproof. It was fantastic. Not all the acting was good (Caleb's mom was not convincing), but the message was great.

We have been faithfully trekking the Lewis and Clark expedition in our history studies. Ben completed a notebooking page. I'm going to join Netflix so we can borrow a DVD about the Lewis and Clark trail. Personally, it was great fun for me to read about this, as I had spent 3 months in Lewiston, Idaho and was mostly oblivious to anything but skiing while out there. I'm thankful to have revisited the area through our reading and remember the time there fondly.

We have been progressing in math -- still Singapore -- and I have slowed down in my thinking about switching math programs. I have been mulling the idea of moving Ben to Horizons. There is a difference in the scope and sequence between the two programs, and for that reason I'm hesitant to make the switch. I know our math fact bobble-in-the-road is temporary (indeed, Ben is doing very well with re-learning his multiplication facts and is making steady progress with division as well).

We are finishing up Lesson 4 in Lively Latin. This week (and some from week 7) we reviewed the differences between declensions (for nouns) and conjugations (for verbs). Ben is doing better understanding that the verb endings take the place of pronouns and indicate who did what in a sentence. This coming week we will be learning new vocabulary and completing our Roman history and art appreciation.

Growing with Grammar is fantastic. Ben has completed the first section, and scored a 93% on the review lesson. For the next three weeks he'll be working on noun/pronouns.

We took last week off from spelling, but will start on Step 19 (of 28) this week. We also did not to science last week, however, I will be starting with the introductory material this week, and will be picking up the Critical Thinking Co. science material this week. I'm looking forward to using the Real Science 4 Kids (RS4K) material with Ben.

Luke: Luke is beginning to do some basic addition. I need to get the math fact audio CD going for him to listen to. He is doing well with handwriting and Explode the Code online. He does tend to have some trouble on a specific type of exercise in EtC, but I think he'll work it through fine. We started reading some of the Bob books last week. He is so proud of himself!

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