Friday, November 7, 2008

Week 11 Report

We have had a busy, but fun week. Monday we visited Lowell National Park (links to the educational programs offered at Lowell NP) which was a fantastic introduction to the mid 1800s and the industrial revolution, which we are only glossing over in our history studies right now.

Monday was also my homeschool support group's monthly meeting, and we talked about writing. I'm using -- not consistently, to my chagrin -- Writing With Ease and the Level 2 workbook. Actually, what I'm finding it most helpful in is getting Ben to succinctly summarize information, certainly a helpful life skill and thinking skill. I'm also trying to get him to do more writing in school, and this week, he was challenged to write a summary of our field trip, which I'll re-type below:

We went to the Lowell mills where girls would go to weave and make cotton. This happened during the Industrial Revolution. This is a period of time when new machines came to America. Before the industrial revloution Lowell was a farming town, but when the machines came Lowell became a city
He did this all by himself! I did ask him to tell me what happened when to Lowell when the machines came, but other then that, it is all his. I thought he did an excellent job!

I also had him summaraze Naya Nuki a wonderful adventure story of --- well, I'll retype what Ben wrote and he can tell you himself:

Naya Nuki means the girl who ran. Naya Nuki was a Shoshoni Indian. Once she and her best friend Sacajawea were captures by a enemy tribe. If they tried to escape they would be killed. Finally Naya Nuki had the chance to escape. She once encountered a grizzly bear. She had to climb up a tree for a couple hours. Luckily grizzly bears can't climb trees. Finally she found her tribe. I liked this book because it was exciting. I recommend this for other kids.
He also wrote this all on his own. I asked him for the "review" of the book, and he added that. He actually created a second draft on his own that resulted in this final piece. Now, if I'm going to be real here, I will tell you that Ben knocked my socks off when he rewrote his piece on his own and when he churned out this great piece of work (if I do say so myself). I'm chalking it all up to God and counting my blessings.

The rest of school went well, but it sure was hard to get into the groove after such an exhausting day on Monday with our field trip. We're making very slow progress in science, and will do the rest of our reading and our experiment tomorrow. Spelling is going very well, and we're 4 chapters away from finishing AAS-3. We have had some hurdles to straddle with math, and I'll leave that up to another post. However, we worked on learning about English capacity measurements and -- after a year of waiting to get to this topic -- finally made Gallon Guy:

These Gallon Guys are on three walls in our dining room. It was a little weird having them as an audience during dinner tonight, but everyone enjoyed working on them.

We're slow and steady in Latin, though we are about 4 weeks behind what I'd planned. Ben is understanding conjugations now and it is very encouraging to see this knowledge become a part of what he knows.

It is amazing to think that we are almost done with Core 3! Switching from the 5 day schedule done in 4 days to the 4 days schedule was a huge help for us! We will not be reading one book -- the Eli Whitney one -- but I will assign it to Ben (or we'll read it aloud together) over Christmas break.

I'll write about math later.


Rhonda said...

You have such a fun, productive homeschool :)
It looks like you had a wonderful week and the field trip sounds like lots of fun. said...

love the pics and what a fun week. Tell us more about the gallon guys!

Alane @RaH said...

Here is a link to Gallon Guys/ Girls, a great way to teach the equivalents for English capacity measurements: