Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 12 Report

I have a cold right now, and don't have the energy to review our entire week, so I'll just write about a couple of things:

  • Math -- This is going fine. Ben is making great strides on this math facts. He is able to use the FlashMaster (F.M.) to drill addition, subtraction and multiplication (0-12) with 90% or better accuracy with 4 sec. per question in addition/subtraction and 7 sec. per question with multiplication; he's working on the 4 sec. threshold this week. He's at level 8 (of 9) with division, and I suspect he'll have division wrapped up by Christmas.
  • Sonlight Core 3 - We're almost done! We have history readings that will take us 2 1/2 weeks to complete, and just one more Read Aloud: Swift River. Ben is reading a book about Robert Fulton
  • Tapestry of Grace -- This is where we will go in January. We're not going to use the entire Unit 3, just the weeks leading up to and including the Civil War. We'll also be finishin up a lapbook unit study for our state. State history is typically covered in 4th grade, so we'll do a unit on it in Dec./January.
  • Science- We finished our unit on force, energy and work. I like that they introduced the concept of a physics formula (work = force x distance) and through experimentation, we acutally got to see this in action. We used fruits to see how thier force (weight) would do the work of stretching out a slinky (distance). It worked out well.
  • YIP - In my state, there is a program called the Young Inventors Program, which encourages creative thinking and problem solving skills in the solution to everyday problems. Ben has been participating in this program since October with a bunch of other homeschoolers, and this week, he and his dad worked on fabricating his model. He is very excited for next week's final judging (similar to a science fair) and celebration.
  • Luke -- Luke has nearly completed the Explode the Code Online book 1! He is doing fantastic with it. He is able to write and spell CVC words with short vowels. He is doing well reading Bob books, too. We're beginning to work on place value as well -- which I think will help him alot to understand the numbers 11-20 and to understand the difference between numbers like 12 and 21. He is getting confused with these.
This coming week, our homeschool group is having Math Day. Divided into age categories, the kids will use math manipulatives to explore mathematical concepts and critical thinking skiills. It should be fun!

Sorry there are no pictures...I just don't have the energy to plug the camera in and download it.

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z said...

sounds like an awesome full week!! Hope your upcoming week goes well, too!!