Friday, December 19, 2008

Curriculum and Resources Update -- the remainder of 2008-09

US History 1850 through early 1900s -- We will use TOG year 3, units 3 and 4 to focus primarily on US history. As we move into year 4, we'll take a broader view of the world again.

Geography -- mapping according to TOG; puzzle maps; Scrambled States; learn capitals of all the states; Seterra free computer game

Language Arts:

  • Spelling -- All About Spelling 3 and 4
  • Writing -- I will use Writing Aids from TOG. I have to figure out where to start.
  • Grammar -- Growing with Grammar 4. Also use Editor in Chief A1 scheduled weekly for 33 weeks
  • Reading -- Reading Detective (we haven't used this yet) -- I might save this until the summer.
Math -- Singapore Math 3b and 4A. We progress at Ben's pace. We'll also use CWP (still have CWP 2 to work through), IP and perhaps EP books. I have some Keys to Fractions to use when we get to that point.

Foreign Language: Continue with Lively Latin

Bible -- Daily Bible reading/ devotional

Science: Physics -- Real Science for Kids: Level 1- Physics

Fine Arts:

  • Visual Arts: We have some "how to draw.." books that I'll encourage the boys to use. I'd like to get them into an art class after ski lessons are over.
  • Performance Arts: continue piano lessons; Stories of the Great Composers I; go to a concert & play

Critical Thinking Skills -- Finish book A2 of Mind Benders, then work through. Building Thinking Skills 2

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