Saturday, December 6, 2008

Week ?? Report

I don't know where I am in my weekly report. My Teacher's Binder is in the other room, and I am too cold to move from under my blanket to get it, so I'll figure it out later. We had a good week and are making progress in many areas. Yet, we are stalled in some, and I need to figure out why.

Ben has finished all of the readers for Sonlight Core 3. We have one lesson left to do in The Story of the USA and we'll be done. That will be finished on Monday. Our project for the next month or so is to learn about our state. I've download Hand of a Child's Template Book and am referencing a free, generic state study lapbook template here to create a lapbook about our state. I've also collected some titles of historical fiction books that take place in our state to provide some read alouds/ readers during this mini-unit. I am planning on working on this through January or mid-February as my Ben and Luke will be taking ski lessons for 6 weeks in the new year. This means we officially have only 3 1/2 days of typical school.

We will finish our read aloud, Swift River, this week as well. After that, I'm not sure what I'll read to the boys. We might take a break from a story and read devotional type books for a break. Maybe poetry. I'm not sure. I'm trying to remember to have fun during the advent season, yet not set my expectations so low that our schooling grinds to a halt.

Math is going fabulous, and we're working through the first workbook of Key to Fractions to supplement Singapore Math.

We do have a couple problem areas that I haven't addressed or dealt with at all this semester: art expression, art appreciation, music appreciation and science. We are about 4 chapters behind in science and one of the books I purchased, I've not even really used. While I appreciate several things about Real Science 4 Kids-Physics I (written to the child; explains concepts very well; experiments are well thought out; review is appropriate), it is not as exciting as the science has been that we've been using. Science is getting pushed to the end of the day, where it is often ignored. I feel like I'm cheating my sons of something they love. At least they are playing with the Lego mechanical kit I purchased, but I haven't made the time to watch the instructional CD that came with it, so I am not really using it as a teaching tool.

I need to figure out what to do at this point with science --- bag RS4K, persevere through it (the most fiscally responsible thing to do ...... ), or --- what, I don't know. What I'd really like to do for art is sign the boys up for an art class somewhere. Maybe after ski lessons are over, before baseball starts..... As far as music appreciation, I have a resource to use, I just need to hold myself accountable to use it.

Luke is doing well with his reading and math. We'll be doing some catch-up next week and will try to complete two math lessons a day. I'm not sure how we got behind, but there is about a week's worth of math that didn't get done earlier in the year. He is counting by 5s now and is getting better at reading the teens numbers better (13 vs. 31). He's even using a Math U See trick and calling the teens "onety-three," etc. When he does this, I provide encouraging feedback and rephrase it with the correct name. He is also getting better at reading Bob type books. He is easily reading Book 5 in set 1 with less need to sound out every word. We've really backed off on our science reading, and honestly I don't have the heart right now to continue with the Pond People. I don't know what to do about that either. I'm considering selling off the lot and just reading "Let's Read and Find Out" science books, as well as other miscellaneous science books I have here. That would make him very happy.

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