Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -- I got nothin'

We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with my parents, my brother, his three kids, my SIL and her husband and twin Kers, and my MIL. Lots of food, friends for dessert (they came to visit, we didn't eat them), and laughter. A good time. And, I have not one. single. picture. to document the great weekend. No pictures of Ben and Jack IV playing broom hockey in the backyard. No picture of my lovely centerpiece of gourds, faux fall leaves, Indian corn and a pretty 6-candle tea light set. You can't even see my beeea-utiful table cloth that I got at Kohls for only $12!!!! Or my perfectly browned turkey that was brined with Stonewall Kitche's Farmhouse Brine and was too. die. for.

Even my mom, the take-a-picture-of-everything-and-everyone documentarian forgot her digital camera and had disposable cameras for the entire weekend, so I'm a little doubtful that the quality of those will be post-worthy.

Meanwhile, on the homeschooling front -- about which I haven't written in a couple weeks -- Ben won his grade level in our local homeschool Young Inventor's Program judging! He will go to the state competition in April. I was soooo excited for him! He has also accomplished our goal of knowing his math facts using the FlashMaster drilling machine. Our goal was to complete each of the four operations with 90% accuracy or better at 4 seconds per fact. Just before Thanksgiving he met this goal with division. Now, he is in a 'maintenance' phase and completes one fact per day, Monday through Thursday. He has to get 86% or better accuracy, which so far has not been hard for him. I'm so proud of the hard work he's done with his facts. He really had to push through some rough spots.

I've actually sold our Core 3 Instructor's Guide as we are days away from finishing the history readings and read alouds. Ben has read all the readers except Sarah, Plain and Tall (I'm going to rent the DVD instead). We are about half way finished with Swift River. We should be finished with all this by next week. For our history studies we'll be working on our State History lapbook project, which will last through most of January. In January, we'll only school 3.5 days per week because homeschool ski lessons take up a whole day and we have our co-op gym class on Friday afternooons. So, this is a perfect time to lighten up on history studies and work through the lapbook.

In February, hopefully we'll be using Tapestry of Grace's Year 3, unit 3 to study the Civil War period of time. I am planning on purchasing the digital edition, which will fit into our homeschool space much better than 4 binders per year plan.

Luke is doing great with Explode the Code online. He finished Book 1, and we're taking a break before we start Book 2. We're still working through All About Spelling, and I want to introduce blends to him before I sit him down in front of the computer to do the ETC lessons online. I am planning on looking at to fill in for now.

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