Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Maybe it's just me, but I often doubt the choices I've made for the direction of our homeschool. Did I pick the right curriculum? Is our pace too fast? Too slow? ..... the questions go on and on.

We have been using All About Spelling for our spelling curriculum since 3rd grade began, and it "seems" to be working, but it is hard to get real proof. I've been using the "Spelling Scale for Home Educators" found in the 1989 Wanda Sanseri guide, "Teaching Reading at Home" to gauge Ben's spelling progress. For 3rd grade, Ben's scores had fallen roughly in the 4th grade range (I usually test him when we complete a level of AAS and at the end of the school year). But having just finished AAS level 3 last week, I tested him again, and his scores fell at a grade status of 7.0 -- woohoo! There was definitely new material for Ben to master in level 3, and I know there will be leaps and bounds of learning in level 4. Have I seen the carryover into his writing? For the most part yes. Since AAS doesn't follow traditional grade level spelling lists, it can be hard to judge, but for the most part, I think he's generalizing quite well.

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Krissy said...

I am now purchasing AAS levels 1 and 2 for my older two. This is nice to know since I too doubt sometimes!! Thanks for posting about how he's done with AAS!!