Friday, July 31, 2009

He's baaaaack!

See this cutie-patootie? He's my first born. He game me the name "Mom." He is my guinea pig. I love him to pieces.

And he's back.

He decided to leave me for 4 1/2 days so he could go to Cub World camp. What could he do there at camp that could possibly be better than what we do here? What's the big deal with archery, BB guns, swimming, Native American village, Fort Friendship and Webelo Woods?

This was the first time any of my children had left me for more than 36 hours. I had practiced crying a week or two before he left, and felt pretty sure that I could hold it in -- until we got in the car to come home without him. In fact (she said, patting herself on the back.) I didn't cry at all when we dropped him off, nor did I cry when we left the camp with one less monster in the back of the van.

And, in fact, Monday didn't feel weird without him. Monday night didn't either. Tuesday was OK, too. But after that, I started to *really* miss him. He's probably my cuddliest kid, and I missed that. I missed hearing his voice and hearing him say, "Hey, Mom, did you know that...." So, Wednesday was *really* hard -- I think that's when I started counting down the hours until Thursday at 5pm.

Picking him up, I was a little nervous as to his reaction to us. Did he miss us enough? Did he have so much fun he wouldn't want to come home? Even Luke and Levi were very excited to see him. We approached his den's tents to find him............

...not there. Just his pack of dirty duds. Thanks.

We grabbed his gear, walked back towards the dining hall, and eventually saw his den....but not him. Even more saddness.

Finally, one of the little boys saw him running into the administrator's office. I started walking over to him, and just a few seconds later he cam out of the office and gave me a big stinkin' hug.

He missed me! He missed us! Yea!

We ate dinner together, he showed us around the facilities, and told us about all the fun he'd had, all the rain they'd endured, and shared with us a bunch of silly songs and jokes he'd learned. His smile was huge. He was very dirty; some say he stank. But I didn't mind. My boy is back.


swisher sweet said...

Love your blogs. Love the way you think, and love the way you write. Hoping Lincoln gives me a big stinkin' hug when we pick him up from camp someday! :)

Steve said...

Alane! I've *found* you again! Can't keep up with everyone/everything these days!

Loved your Scout post. Heck, I miss DD when she's gone to DAY camp!

So glad to hear things are going well!

~ Mingo

kelsey c. said...

such a cute cake in that pic! i love that you call him the guinea pig. Lucca is our guinea pig for sure!!! Hah.