Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 3 1/2 of our Year: Caffeine + Me = Early Morning Stress Puppy!

It is 2:35 am. I shouldn't have had that diet coke at 6:30. I'm reaping the consequences now.

Plus, I'm feeling a little stressed about school. Most everything is going well -- good even. But, there were some loose ends that I never fully tied up prior to starting our school year on Aug. 24, and I'm stressing about those right now:

  1. Verse Memorization never planned out
  2. Poetry Memorization never planned out (using Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization)
  3. We've only done 1 week of our ArtPacs lesson (in three weeks)
  4. Ben is still reviewing his Latin lesson from last year, but I haven't implemented our chanting... or even figured out what we'd do for it.
  5. I forgot (!) to have Luke begin some gentle narration during history/Bible and science. He is loving reading about animals for science right now (and the internet links from Usborne's Word of Animals book have been wonderful), but I'd like to get him used to the idea of summarizing an idea he's learned. And drawing a picture of what we've read about (check off "art" for the day).
  6. I want to get a plan for the accountability meetings Ben and I have about our history lessons. This will become very important next week as we begin our Egyptian studies.
  7. I never took a first day of school picture of the kids. Bad mommy!
I did manage to bang out a couple of these items (#2 and #5) tonight while I'm suffering from caffeine induced insomnia, and I've got some concrete ideas for the others. Ben has Lego League tomorrow night, so I might just sit in the drive way with my notebooks, books and laptop and work through a couple of the issues I've got with the school year.