Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I'm not a huge fan of new year's resolutions. But, what the heck:

1. Run a mile a day.

2. Finish reading the Bible (this was my plan from last year -- the Bible in a year. I'm somewhere at the end of July in my chronological Bible)

3. Be a little better at me. I miss reading books for me. I am usually reading something related to our studies, which is OK, but there is a whole wide world of books out there that I'd like to read -- from pop fiction to classics. Last year, there were several reading challenges going on at some of the homeschool forums I frequent. I just glanced over this one at Medieval Bookworm (a link from Susan Wise Bauer's blog) at it looks like fun. I'm going to go for Peasant level (3 books) to add into my mix of other things I'd like to read:

  • (3) Twilight series (I'm probably the last person in the world who hasn't read these)
  • (1) A book from Glenn Beck's reading list (politics)
  • (1) A book from Oprah's book list
  • (1) Re-read Pride and Prejudice (love Jane Austen! It's been probably 8-9 years since I read it last)
  • (1) Get The Well-Educated Mind and read a book off that list.
  • (3) Three medieval-related books
Of course, this will require me to be more purposeful with my time in the evenings. Especially since I also want to exercise more (see #1 above).


Debra said...

You are not the last person in the world who hasn't read the Twilight series. I don't even have it on my "to read" list at this point.

And thanks for the link to the Medieval challenge. We're studying ancient history this year, moving to Medieval next year. So I will be joining this reading challenge for sure, to get a jump on things and to start thinking about what I do want my oldest to be reading. Her recommended reading list is fantastic. I may just need to go for the King level. :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you

Laura O in AK said...

Alane ~ you are definitely not the last person in the world to read the Twilight series. I haven't and am not sure if I want to bother with them.

Tess said...

How are you doing on your goals? I want to read more in 2010 and here it is half way through 2010!

i cant decide said...

Great resolutions. I haven't read anything from the twilight series either.

I found your blog on the crew's forum listed for this week's blog walk. So here I am, stopping by to say hey. Hey! I hope you have a great year on the crew!

Mrs. White said...

Loved reading your goals!

Welcome to the CREW!

I am your newest "follower!"

Mrs. White (TOS Crew FM)

Jenni said...

Hello Alane! I am on new on the crew with you this year as well. Your blog is beautiful! I love this post about reading books. I love to read as well, and am also behind in my chronological Bible. I decided just to pick it up at where I am, so today was June 22. I also have some summer reading goals: One Night With the King by Tommy Tenney, and the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I hope I can make myself take a break from my usual diet of homeschool how-to books! Happy Reading!