Thursday, January 21, 2010

Second Annual Mommy+1 Series

This is the second year that Levi and I have enjoyed a six-week set of "Mommy and Levi" days. Dave takes the big boys to homeschool ski lessons each Thursday for six weeks, and Levi and I try to do something just for him. It isn't often when you are the baby of the family to have uninterrupted Mommy time.

Each phase of childhood brings its joys, wonders and challenges, and the 5th year of life is no exception. Levi is an observant little guy, always asking Big Questions. He usually has his own Big Answer, which melds reality and cartoons in a way only a 4 year old can. Sometimes, I just love to hear him go on-an-on with his Big Answers....on the days when I remember to slow down and soak in 4-year-old-ness. Other days, I'm playing my Mommy+3 roll, and I often dismiss his craziness.

But one day a week for six weeks in the depths of a New England winter, I have a chance to just be with a 4 year old. And in these moment it is nice to forget about dinner, the laundry, and the checkbook in need of balancing. I am enjoying living with Levi, not just being there.

This is how I've been living these past three Mommy and Levi days:

1. I didn't talk Levi out of painting his porcelain cat yellow and purple. It actually turned out quite nice.

2. We screamed and giggled as we sledded down the icy hill last week. Then, at the bottom of the hill, we sat with our friends and watched the cars and trucks go buy. There are a lot of white, gray and dark blue cars; few reds, yellows and oranges. Do you know how long 4-year-olds can sit and watch cars go by on the road?

3. Today -- the best evah -- we held hands and skipped for 3 blocks, past the state capital. In the sunshine.

I wish I could've bottled up today's brisk air, sunshine and the pleasure of watching my son skip down the road with me. These are the last days I'll ever have a 4 year old, and I am trying to soak them up.


swisher sweet said...

Love. And as a former Kindergarten teacher, I am in love with 4, 5 and 6 year olds. Such a fabulous age. And for the record, huge fan of skipping.

Masters Family said...

Loved this post! :) How fun for Levi to have mommy one-on-one days. Those are memories he will cherish forever.

kelsey c. said...

fun! Lucca and I think we would have fun at mommy + Levi dayz. we also like watching cars go by and wait for birds to fly by and our all time fave...watching trees sway.

Jennifer said...

That sounds like fun. The one on one time isn't often planned, but is nice when it happens.

Unknown said...

The 6 weeks one-on-one time is such a great idea. Very intentional with the way you give time to your little one. I,too, have four children and after reading this blog, it makes me realize, that I seem to lack in giving each of them one-on-one time.

Keep it up!

Debbie Phillips said...

I am here from the TOS Crew Blog Walk. I love your idea. I had been doing one-on-one time with each of my kids, one kid a week, we pick and afternoon and we do whatever the child wants. Then I usually take a week off then start over. I have stopped doing it and I need to get back to it. the kids and I need the one-on-one time to just have fun together.

Jennifer said...

I had a week to be with my youngest (who is 6) on his own a couple months back. It was wonderful! I saw him in an entirely different light without his brother around. Our 1 on 1 time reminded me how fun he really is to be around.